Favorite Matching Pajamas for Littles

Theres nothing like crisp fall air to make me suddenly feel nostalgic about everything. I don’t know what it is about matching pajamas that melt me as a mother but I’m hooked for life. Call me a sucker, I’ll take it. If you beam at the sight of your littles in matching pajamas, here are some of my favorite pairs in a price range that makes such a thing as unnecessary pajamas acceptable.

The image above is shoppable- just click the pajamas and it’ll take you right to the site. The majority of my kids’ pajamas have been from these brands since their birth (all but one pair are Amazon Prime! Three cheers!) And here are a few more favorites that are super budget friendly:

And now, for the pajamas that require more pennies…

In the first image, and this one featuring a VERY pregnant me and an itty bitty Oshiolema, we’re in Petite Plume Pajamas. I get the kids a matching pair every year and the vintage vibe makes them even more special. They are pricey so I look out for sales and patiently wait for Black Friday. Make sure to size up a little so they last through all the growth spurts!

In this photo, the kids are in Mabo pajamas. These are pricey as well so I’ve only purchased them once, but the quality is impeccable and I definitely see another pair in our future. I think I’m going for the yellow polka dots next time!

Lastly, I couldn’t end the post without mentioning Kickee Pants. My all-time favorite pajamas for infants, these jams come in millions of crazy prints and the neutrals are especially sweet. You can probably guess I tend to go for the solids. They’re made from bamboo and are soft as a dream.

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