Flattering Swimsuits

The requirements for my swimsuits used to be really simple: don’t give me crazy tan lines. Since having kids, my swimwear has quite a hefty list to stand up to. It needs to hold certain things in and hide other things. It needs to cover my bum enough to be appropriate for chasing after kids and stay up when I’m dunking them in the water. Also, I have to feel fantastic in it. With the teenier-than-ever bottoms and strappier-than-ever top trend, finding the right suit can be intimidating but I’ve chosen a few favorites I can’t wait to try. 

One pieces used to embarrass me to no end but let me tell you, they are my absolute best friend now. They’re so flattering and understated, I always feel composed and ready for anything while wearing one. My go-to suit last year was an Onia and I have my eye on this one and this one for the summer! It feels special and flattering while still standing up to sand-castle making.

An off the shoulder suit has quickly become my staple. I don’t know what it is about that little smidge of fabric that makes me feel like I have Michelle Obama arms but I’ll be forever grateful for it. This suit is closer to my normal style but feels romantic and dainty. This one is the most versatile and the most flattering (I have it in black!) and this bright one is inexpensive enough to be a special addition for more fun occasions

And last but not least, the crucial high waisted bottom. Things certainly aren’t what they once were since I had two babies in two years and a high waisted bottom covers all sorts of secrets. These classic bottoms are beautiful and will never go out of style and this pair is sure to hide absolutely everything if times call for that sort of thing.

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