Moving Day

Today, we say goodbye to our home of almost seven years. A friend of mine told me she wrote a note to her daughter when they moved from their first home and I had to do the same. I wonder if I’m overthinking the whole thing. My parents moved my older brother, older sister and I when I was my kid’s age and I don’t remember a minute of it. I don’t have any childhood memories in my home until I was about 5, yet I just want my littles to remember the life we built here. 

Here are a couple paragraphs of my letter to Oshiolema and Keogena:

“These walls have seen that one stomach bug and many sleepovers, nightly episodes of ‘fighting game’ and three rounds of Ferdinand. They’ve witnessed bubble guppies and bubble blowing, learning time and laughing fits. They’ve heard the Sing soundtrack no short of one million times and have been lulled to sleep by your “sleeping music” night after night. They’ve seen us bring home one baby, then two, teaching you in no time at all that this was the place you’d want to be most in all the world. 

Now that we’ve come to our last night in this home, I feel nostalgic for all the memories we’ve made here. Mommy and daddy grew up here, and so have you. From a baby to the most kind, intelligent, hilarious three year old we know. I feel so grateful to have shared this home with you. While my heart aches for these days already, I know the best is still yet to come.”

Thank you for all your incredible support and prayers throughout this moving process. You all are so wonderful and I look forward to debuting my southern self next week!

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