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Hi Friends! I hope you had a fantastic week! This week was a bit of a rollercoaster but i’m just feeling so grateful here at the end of it. 

I found out I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis disease exactly one week ago. I’ll dedicate a whole post to it, but essentially my immune system is attacking my thyroid, causing hypothyroidism. I had just been researching Hashimoto’s because a dear friend of mine has a worse stage of mine and has to be on medication for life. I’ve been put on a very rigorous vitamin schedule (12 vitamins a day for the first three months) so while the diagnosis was difficult to hear, I’m so grateful for God’s goodness in leading me to answers early on. Hashimoto’s is typically a “for life” kind of thing, but I’ve been researching cases where people healed it naturally over time with food and lifestyle changes and I’m hopeful in the Lord that this will be my story as well.

This information requires some pretty serious and immediate life-changes for me. Hashimoto’s is incredibly flared by stress, inflammatories, and toxins. My naturopath said I’ll need to cut out gluten, soy and corn for the better part of my life while also limiting sugar. I’ve eaten this way for months (and even years) at a time, but the thought of eating this way forever has me a bit intimidated. All the prayers, please!

I’ve always had this shame about being a Christian woman struggling with anxiety but God has brought me such a long way and I know this is the time to be set free from this stronghold for my health’s sake. No stress, no fear, no anxiety allowed. The Lord has a funny way of working sometimes, doesn’t he?

And lastly, the toxins. We are pretty conscious of keeping a pretty toxin-free home, but it’s time to double down. I’m getting rid of all the plastic tupperware and the majority of all the plastics we own, sticking to my all-natural skincare and natural deodorant regime and perfecting my natural cleaning-product lineup. The first thing we’ll do when we move is invest in a great water filter to avoid any toxins there as well.

My life has changed a whole lot in 7 days, but I’m so grateful for health on the horizon, even if it looks differently than I expected.

Here are some Hashimoto’s links I’ve found incredibly helpful this past week-especially the story of how Michelle reversed her Hashimoto’s disease naturally! If you have this autoimmune disease as well, I’d love to hear your thoughts and tips as I prepare an in-depth post covering everything from symptoms to solutions! Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

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