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Well, friends, we made it. Friday is here. Keogena turned one on Tuesday and it completely threw off the week. Every day has felt like Friday since and ohhh how bitter the disappointment was when I realized it was only Wednesday and we had dentist appointments on the schedule.


To finish off our sweet girl’s birthday week, I wanted to share a few photos from her birthday party at our Lake house a couple weeks ago. O’s entire family lives in the vicinity of Windsor, Ontario (yes, this man of mine is a proud Canadian) and we knew we wouldn’t be back there for a while so an early birthday party with all of our sweet nieces and nephews was in order.

I made her a simple vanilla cake and best believe, though this girl may be on the smaller side of the spectrum, she will absolutely throw down on some food. She would have eaten this whole thing if I let her!

I’m not an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ fan whatsoever, but I am big tea party fan. I got ‘Keogena in Onederland’ stuck in my head and while I’d only have 3 days to set everything up, get the lake house ready and find or purchase whatever we needed to host, I was determined to do the pretty-first-birthday-even-thought-she-won’t-remember-it thing. The only details set in stone from the very beginning were her dress (it had to be Tutu du Monde. No question) and lots of flowers. Tutu du Monde makes the absolute dreamiest dresses for little girls, and while some can be wildly expensive, I try to keep an eye out on sales juuust in case. Since I wanted her dress to be a nod to the movie without being a costume, the minute I saw the soft blue of this dress I was sold.

these little cheesecakes were a nod to the queen of hearts

of course, her big brother was more than happy to help with the cake smash session

We didn’t pour a single drop of tea, but seeing this girl light up surrounded by love and flowers was just about the best thing I could have asked for. Our friend and K’s honorary titi, Sarah of Sarah Jane Photography snapped these sweet photos and I’m so grateful for the camera that is just an extra appendage on her at this point because Mama definitely failed on the documenting front.

her blowing out her candle here just kills me.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! We’ll be enjoying our last weekend at home before a big trip to Dallas. It’s officially baby watch since my sister is 38 weeks pregnant and I can’t wait to witness my very first birth! Hold on, baby boy, we’re coming!



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