Rainy Day Classics

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Depending on where you live, September starts a season of some chilly, rainy days. I love a good rainy day as much as the next girl but long gone are the days where grey gloom meant I was staying in bed watching Friends reruns.

These days, instead of avoiding it, I need to plan to be in it. Whether its meeting a friend, braving the grocery run or playing with my kids in the driveway, I want to be prepared to brave the weather while avoiding soggy pants and damp shoulders like the plague.

Outfit 1: I love throwing on a dress for a rainy day. I’d rather brush water off my knees than be stuck in wet pants all day. I’ll wear a shorter dress (often shorter than the hemline or just at the hem of my trench coat) and pair it with tall rain boots to balance out the outfit.

Outfit 2: If I do wear jeans, I think skinnies are an essential for a rainy day because they tuck easily into low boots. I find that if I wear them under a longer trench coat, they stay much more dry and don’t give that gross gooey leg feeling. If the day is cooler, I like to wear a lightweight knit that doesn’t add bulk under the jacket, but is looser to balance the slim shape of the lower half. It’s actually raining today and this is pretty much exactly what I’ll be wearing!

A great trench coat will last you a lifetime! I’ve had this Burberry trench for five years now and it’s still in perfect shape after braving many, many rainy days. If you’re buying a trench coat  for the first time, I’d say look for one that hits below the hips to make it a more versatile piece. It’s nice to be able to have your coat cover your bum incase you need to sit!



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