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We’ve made it to the last Friday in October. Just go ahead and let that sink in…because I’m not handling it too well. I can’t be the only one that feels like my to-do list is multiplying faster than rabbits. (I worked really hard on this one waiting for that clever quick wit to set in but I’m begrudgingly settling on rabbits.) 

The amount of things I want to get done before Christmas is larger than it’s ever been in my life. I also have two humans strapped to me- not literally of course although that would actually make life easier at this point- a husband that deserves gold medals, a fourteen layer cake and at the very least, more of my time, a brand I am beyond passionate about growing and creating and my own personal self; mind, body, spirit, soul.

I shared on Instagram Monday that I truly had the Monday-est of all Mondays…and that was before I encountered some strange physical struggles that affected my entire week. This served as a much needed reminder to me: surrender the to-do list to my Creator. Compare my desires with my actions and see what doesn’t add up. Rest. Unplug. Be Present. Be at Peace.

I pray these things for you this weekend as well! Instead of spending my Saturdays slaving over to the to-do list, I committed them to dedicated and intentional family time. We’ve planned a little family day-date in D.C. to explore with the kids and put our money where our mouth is when we say family>everything.

Because these two, man. What could be better?

What are your weekend plans? Is it as chilly where you are as it is here in Virginia? I’m not complaining, my slippers are out, the kid’s jackets and blankets are in the car indefinitely; bring. it. on.

(find outfit details and more photos Jaclyn Michelle Photography took of us that day in this post )


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