Holiday Gift Guide 2020: For the Little Lady

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It’s that time of year again, friends. You know how I feel about gift guides by now (see past Holiday Gift Guides here.) Pulling them together is one of my favorite things year round and while I certainly want to make them beautiful to look at, my number one goal is to make them helpful. The first image is the beauty queen but Ms. Congeniality is down below, friends. Keep reading for alllll the gems for the little lady in your life including the things we own and love.

1. Wooden Food. We got the kids a play kitchen for Christmas when Oshiolema was 1 and Keogena 3 months old. Since kids will inevitably put the toy food in their mouths all.the.time, wooden food is my favorite.

2. A Monogram Banner. This is such a simple and sweet gift. This hangs on the wall in Keogena’s room and there is such a huge variety of patterns and prints for the letter. It’s both unique and thoughtful.

3. Rattan House Bag. This is one of my favorite brands for littles and toys that can double as decor are always a win. I would gift this with a lovie and a book inside.

4. Olli Ella Suitcase. Not that anyone is jet-setting right now, but I love the gift of a suitcase. The kids still play “taking a trip” almost every day and these suitcases are beautiful enough to be out in their rooms all year long. I got this set from Amazon early this year and it’s absolutely beautiful (more expensive, but it comes with a large and matching teeny suitcase.)

5. Dough Parlor Play-Doh. Let me first just say that we have about 50 tubs of good ol’ fashioned play-doh in the school area and the kids use it every day. It makes for a wonderful gift. But this is the type of play-doh you’ll win points for gifting. It smells incredible and is non-toxic and all natural. We used it for months before the caps were left off and it died an unjust death.

6. A Special Chair. This rattan bow chair is so dreamy. Whether your child is distance learning or not, we’re all home and using every area of the home more than ever. This chair with a bow on it under the tree would be so special and it would work tucked under a kiddie table or in the corner of the bedroom as a designated reading chair.

7. Classic Book Set. These are special and stunning and make for the start of a wonderful book collection.

8. Princess Tea Cups. These are Keogena’s dream come true. A pink teapot and four teacups with her favorite princesses makes for a sweet routine to look forward to over the Holiday break. A tea party and Princess movie every afternoon, maybe?

9. Farmers Market. This will take a bit more real estate than we have in our play area, but it was too precious not to share.

10. Minikane African Doll. We love this doll so much. There are so many diverse dolls to choose from and they quality is second to none. The clothing options are also adorable.

11. Custom Name Puzzle. I made one of these for my nephew and one for Zeameh. They are a thoughtful gift that is personal but not so personalized that it’s risky.

12. “And The People Stayed Home.” I’ll be getting three copies of this book and writing a note in the cover to each of the kids to remember this year forever.

13. Rattan Grocery Cart. This is the most extra, most unnecessary, most perfect accessory to any playroom. I’d tie it with a bow under the tree and put an apron and some wooden food inside.

Like I said, those are the beauty pageant items. Here are some other stand-outs that are winners:

We have three of these magnet kits and they are golden. They are so entertaining and they’re especially good for car rides and “rest time.”

Keogena has spent countless hours since March creating houses, towers, castles, cars and universes with these tiles. We now have a giant storage box with a couple kits combined, but she is a bit partial to these pastel ones.

My sister got this for Keogena for her 3rd birthday and everyone in the family has taken part in about a hundred ice cream parties. It’s so great for imaginative play and I love when the kids use it coupled with this cash register to better understand the spending and saving concept and learn their coins.

This art kit has been one of Keogena’s favorite gifts ever. She audibly gasped when she opened it and worked to create masterpieces every single day after her birthday until each item was gone. I have mannnyyy felt and pipe-cleaner bookmarks thanks to this kit. (jealous?)

I have recommended these MeReaders to everyone I know and I get a follow-up text every time with a single emoji-the wow one with a half-blue face (you know the one.) We started using this for Oshiolema when he was having a hard time staying in his room until the clock turned green. This little device allows kids to read a whole set of books to themselves by just pushing a corresponding button. They feel so grown up, it occupies them for car rides and rest times and he’s loved them since he was two. I can’t recommend one (or two!) of these enough.

These giant posters are so much fun. Not just for the kids, but for us. They lay this out over the school table and color away while I wrap things up before starting school. I’m a little bit too committed to coloring the characters in this thing.

We don’t have these exact aprons but the kids love to bake with me and Keogena feels so proud when she gets to put her apron on. I like to do themes for Christmas gifts so this apron with play food or even designated baking tools or sprinkles would be so sweet.

I’m getting this for the kids and I to make stamps together. I used to love doing this when I was younger and I’m so looking forward to teaching them that whole make-the-image-backwards part.

Here are some more options for the little ladies in your life:

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