Holiday Gift Guide: For the Little Dude

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If you need to pick a Holiday gift for the little dude in your life, I’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for a toddler toy or a big kid gift, I’ve got something here that will make you gift winner 2020. It should also go without saying that both the “for the little lady” and “for the little dude” gifts are pretty interchangeable as Keogena loves some things on this list just as much as her brother. Let’s get into it.

Be sure the check out the Gift Guide for the Little Lady too! Here we go:

1.Nordic Workbench. This is perfect for the toddler in your life ready to try their hand at woodworking. 2020 has been long enough to pick up a new hobby or two–this is cute enough to stay on display and practical enough that they get to put their imagination to work.

2.Animalium Book. If the little boy in your life is anything like my son, he is animal obsessed. We can’t get enough of all the cool animal books and this one especially is great for in-room rest time.

3.Microscope STEM Kit. Don’t tell him, but Oshiolema is getting this $29 microscope for Christmas. He loves science and learning so much but my hunch is, this thing will be used to get a closer look at half-sandwiches, dirt and cheese.

4.Alpha-Bots. These are the BEST for little learners. O is an enormous transformers fan so for Oshiolema, the transition from playing with daddy’s transformers to transforming numbers and letters was so fun. We also did things like setting up words in a battle like “W-A-R” and “H-O-P” which makes learning so fun.

5. Basketball Bowl. This is another thing that will be under the tree for Oshiolema. This will be a bowl for Sunday morning cereal and I know I’m in for a mess, but it’ll be worth it.

6.WeeHeeHee Joke Book. I got this book at the start of the pandemic and I cannot begin to tell you how much fun we had with it. The kids worked on mastering their comedic timing (spoiler alert: it’s still pretty awful) and memorized jokes they’re so proud to tell family over face-time. We have huddled over this book for some of our sweetest memories this year.

7. Doctor Kit. We have never talked more about doctors than we have this year. What a perfect gift to bring out their creativity and also foster their desire to help others and learn more about health. “Checkups” are so fun and the kids love taking turns having boo-boos and being the ones to fix it.

8. Chalkboard + Whiteboard Duo Easel. We got the kids this art station for Christmas three years ago and it has been one of the best gifts. We use it every day for learning and play and I love the white paper roll you can attach to make them feel like a true artist.

9. Felt Slingshot. We have had a felt slingshot since Oshiolema was 1 and it was such a hit at that age. The David and Goliath story is the most fun to reenact and the incredible color selection means each boy in the family can have their favorite shade.

10. “All About _____ At Age ___” Personalized Book. This is technically a birthday book, but I’m getting one to make for both older kids just to remember who and how they were during the year 2020. I think this makes the perfect gift for a niece/nephew, grandchild or friend to be able to fill out with their parents.

11. Guitar. Musical gifts are so great for this year because it’s the perfect them to set up YouTube and teach a new skill. I might also suggest you scoop up a pair of ear plugs because #learning

12. Shield. Imagination play is my very favorite and something as simple as a shield will allow for a whole new world.

13. Small Toy Storage Bag. This is the perfect bag for a small set of legos or Magnatiles to keep in their room in a way that gives them a place to organize and practice cleaning up after themselves that is fun at the same time.

Some other stand-outs that we have and love:

This track has been one of Oshiolema’s most-used gifts of all time. It’s a rubber track you unroll and set up on a window or wall to make an epic race course. It’s so simple but allows for hours of play.

This magnet kit is a favorite for car rides, rest-time, and sibling time. There are so many different options that you can choose the perfect one you know will captivate their attention most.

Oshiolema and Keogena are paper airplane obsessed. I’m excited to gift this book so I don’t have to make planes with YouTube step-by-step tutorials anymore.

These are king. I think they need no And you can never have too many which makes it the perfect gift even if it has already been gifted. Score!

The kids love to help in the kitchen so these two are a fantastic team. I would gift it with a photo of their favorite cookie recipe (or even a box of funfetti) and set a baking date on the calendar.

Every book in this series is so beautiful. They make for such a good starting place for important conversations on World Changers in History.

Two words: Stomp Rocket. A classmate got this for Oshiolema’s birthday in January and when I say this is endless entertainment, that’s a deep understatement. It may not seem like much but it is one of the kids’ favorite things they own.

Here are some more options that are sure to be winners:

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