Hello From Los Angeles

Happy Friday, Friends! As you’re reading this, I’ll be sleeping in, waiting for room service on a long weekend getaway to L.A!

O said he wanted to take me away for a babe-free birthday trip months and months ago. We often plan the majority of our trips around cities that have plenty of delicious plant-based food options. We were really thinking of New York (when I didn’t realize he had planned our surprise trip away in December!) Arizona, and we’re always, alllways itching to head back to California. 

Aside from flying out of LAX at least 100 times, I’ve never actually explored Los Angeles. I’ve been in full-on planning mode for months and every mother out there will understand me when I say that the thing I’m most looking forward to is sleep. So much of it. Spontaneously, planned, through the night, early in the morning…SLEEP. And, of course, that time with my guy.  

If you have any L.A recommendations, be sure to let me know! I’ll share the top recommendations and what we end up seeing and eating in a couple weeks. 

While I’ll be sharing what I packed later on, I couldn’t go another second without sharing these slides I picked up right before the trip. They’re less than $60 and SO flattering and comfy! I scooped up two colors because when wonderful shoes come in my size, it’s too good to miss! Have a beautiful weekend, friends!

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