Gluten and Dairy Free Blueberry Muffins

As much as I cannot wait to dive into Spring clothes, continue Spring Cleaning and leave all the cold, dark days of winter behind, it is still February. It is still dark…and unfortunately, still pretty cold. While I’m not eating sugar (or bread, for that matter) for the month of March, if I could cheat and eat anything right now to get me through to bright warm days, it would 100% be a muffin.

I don’t really discriminate when it comes to muffins. Pumpkin, streusel, chocolate, whatever you’ll give me, I’ll eat. I normally don’t like fruit of any kind in any sort of baked good- when I snuck a bite of this muffin from Oshiolema I was absolutely sold! This recipe is so, so simple and oh my goodness- it’s dangerously delicious. I found it on which is somewhere I’d honestly never though to look before. As a mom of two gluten-free kids this is pretty shameful. I’m hooked! You can find the recipe right here. To make this recipe dairy-free, I use almond milk in place of milk! Also, the Bobs Red Mill 1 to1 gluten free flour is my hands-down favorite.

Baking is something that feeds my soul. To me, creating something as beautiful as it is delicious is one of the most fulfilling things in the world. I prefer to have 99% of the desserts we consume as a family be things I’ve made myself. I’m not an expert label reader, guys, but I do know there are heaps of ingredients that get snuck into our food that I’d never feed my littles otherwise. Seeing every ingredient that goes into our food and watching the kids all bright-eyed in anticipation for the treat they helped create is just the best feeling! It’s so special to me.

Even though it takes ten times longer and ends up being ten times as messy, I love having my little helpers in the kitchen. Sure, on this particular day they dumped sugar onto the counter and licked it liked two puppies, but they kind of don’t know to handle themselves when they see sugar within reach. I don’t blame em.

Wanna know a sappy thought I think more often than I’d like to admit? One day, I won’t have a little baby girl yelling “Up! Up! Up! Up” at my feet and a little boy in his tighty whiteys standing on a step stool measuring out milk to help me. I’ll be baking in silence for O and I with no distractions and no extra mess and it helps me to soak up every single second of these days.

I highly recommend spreading some Earth Balance butter on a muffin straight off the cooling rack and eating the whole thing right then and there. It’s just the right thing to do, friends. It’s your duty as baker.

Enjoy, friends!

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