Holiday Gift Guide 2020: For Him. (Also Known as–The Guide You Care About Most)

Y’ALL. I hear you loud and clear. My DMs are filled to the brim with requests for this guide and the fact that you trust my men’s guides motivates me to pour a solid month into putting this together. Guys are just plain hard to shop for. I can rarely predict the thing they truly want (because gadgets and video games and random sports equipment just aren’t my genre) but I have a wide enough variety of men in my life to pull together a guide that has something for every single man on your list. Let’s. Do. This.

I wanted to make sure this gift guide was somewhat specific to 2020. Most of the men in my life are working from home and spending more time inside their four walls than ever before. I’ll share my favorite places to shop for men’s gifts at the end of this post and some of O’s favorite gifts of all time as well, but here are some 2020 standouts.

1 and 2. Reigning Champ Hoodie + Reigning Champ Sweats. This is one of my favorite men’s brands ever. I’ve talked about them for years but they’re an incredible Canadian company that has elevated sweats like no one else. O is Canadian so I’m always looking for great brands and the quality has O loyal forever. If the guy in your life is WFH and needs something between pajamas and a suit-this is it.

3. Hot Ones Hot Sauce Lineup. O doesn’t watch hot ones, but my brothers and I are completely obsessed. This is the best gift for someone who is craving a chance to try their hand at the challenge.

4. Blue Light Glasses. These are a teeny investment for a great payoff. O has never looked at a screen more than he has this year. Between zoom calls and all the hours clocked in on the phone and laptop, a pair of glasses that protects his eyes while also making him look dignified is something he’ll love but likely wouldn’t get for himself. (I’ll talk more about it later but I got O this $39 laptop stand for his birthday and it makes his “best gift ever” list.)

5. Glasses Tray. Sure, it’s pretty unnecessary. But this tray looks cool enough to live on the desk which means the glasses wont be lost, shoved into a drawer or kept in the box and never used.

6. Phone Charging and UV Sanitizing Dock. This is amazing. I got one for myself and this is another perfect accessory for a WFH station. I think I speak for all of us when I say no one sanitizes their phone enough and that thing goes too many places to not be deep cleaned every now and then.

7. Reigning Champ Robe. This is selling out like crazy in this color for good reason. I’ve raved about this robe for a year now because I wear it more than him, but it’s like your favorite sweatshirt and then some. This is definitely the coolest robe he’ll ever own and while most guys don’t care if their robe is “cool,” that’s what we’re here for.

8. Sneaker Cleaning Kit. This is a stocking stuffer for the sneaker head in your life. O doesn’t really care about shoes whatsoever but I have enough brothers, cousins and friends to know that when a man cares about sneakers, that man cares.

9. The Ultimate Sneaker Book. This book makes for a perfect accompaniment to the cleaning kit. It is gorgeous which means it’s a coffee table book that can actually live on the coffee table.

10. Good Man Sneakers. I got these sneakers for O last Christmas because they’re his favorite style: low, simple with a thin sole. I’ve learned a lot in the 12 years I’ve been styling him and finding shoes that are great quality while not being fancy is a skill I’ve developed. He has them in two colors and calls them “the perfect shoe.”

11. Garmin Fitness Watch. This is an investment. Let me just say that right off the bat. But O has worn this every single day for three years and he still raves about it. This is one of the best fitness trackers on the market but it is as sturdy and sleek as a luxury watch. You can read more about it in his 2018 review here or you can just take my word for it. This thing is incredible. (Don’t miss the Black Friday Sale going on right now!)

12. Theragun Portable Massager. O is an athlete through and through. Most men I know have picked up an at-home workout of some sort and the combination of more exercise, more hours at a computer and less access to a massage has made this more essential than ever.

13. Card Set. I don’t have anything profound for this one. These cards are so unique and make a great stocking stuffer.

14. Bose In-Ear Fitness Headphones. O is super picky about the best headphones and these top his must-have list.

15. Bose Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones. I think we’re four years strong with these. He wears them every day and uses them for everything from listening to the Bible and taking calls to Zoom meetings and watching something while doing the dishes. The noise cancelling is the best of any headphone and there’s a reason Bose takes the cake.

Other Standout Gifts:

This $58 dollar heated neck massager has 28,000+ 5 star reviews and I wish I could leave that many reviews for it myself. I got this for O earlier in the year but after spending 2020 nursing, sitting in horrible posture and neglecting chiropractic care, I’ve used it even more than him. This is a foolproof gift.

I got this for O this summer after he used his friend’s and was hooked. He raved about it for months and I hesitated because of the price tag, but you guys. This is so much fun. We bring it when we get together with family sometimes and it just is unlike anything else in the world. I don’t play any type of video game-not even animal crossing or candy crush-and highly, highly recommend this one.

I got this hoodie for my brother last year and he called me to let me know he had worn it every single day. It’s so cozy and it seems like the male equivalent of a cozy sherpa jacket. It’s also on Early Black Friday Sale for the best price I’ve ever seen!

Again, I’ve gifted this laptop stand to O and also my Dad after watching him balance his laptop on tissue boxes for a Zoom meeting. Do your favorite guy a favor and just trust me on this one. It’s not an exciting gift, but it is a necessary one.

O wears things to death. He had worn the same lightweight coat since 2010 until last year it just fell apart. I got him this jacket last month to replace it and he said it had to make the gift guide. It looks good with everything, the color is a neutral and the weight means it works for the majority of the year.

We were supposed to spend August in Canada at the Lakehouse. O hasn’t seen his family since January and likely won’t for quite some time. A candle that smells like home will be the best “I know this is hard” gift for the guy who misses his family.

Another big investment, but this is his go-to bag. He takes it absolutely everywhere and I got it in a season where he was playing football and needed it for the back and forth of game-day but he has used it every day since. It fits both our laptops plus Bibles, books and all our tech for travel and has enough pockets to satisfy the most organized man of all time (O.)

For the guy who needs a WFH Wardrobe Update:

For the WFH Desk:

These may not be the most exciting gifts but I think adding a special thing here and there for the are he likely didn’t intend on spending so much time at is a thoughtful touch. I got O this headphone stand to keep on his desk because he truly uses them all day long. Small touches like that feel thoughtful and useful.

Oh, He Fancy Huh?

This section is comprised of investment pieces and super special gifts from my favorite place to gift from. Nearly everything in this slider is 30% off today and when you select “gift” they’ll wrap it in a signature black box with black and white ribbon and a calligraphy card on top that says “For Mr. ____” and it’s just the best thing ever. I get a couple special things here for every occasion.

Some other ideas:

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