Holiday Gift Guide: For Her (Okay, and you)

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I may be biased, but this may be my favorite ‘Gift Guide for Her’ I’ve ever put together (see past ones here.) I made sure to focus mostly on things we all need right now rather than a full-on fancy fest, but don’t worry–I still have a little bit of fancy in store.

1. Mansur Gavriel Monogrammed Ballet Flats. It’s very rare for me to love a ballet flat. I personally prefer mules and Birkenstocks but these ones won me over in a single second. I am a huge fan of Mansur Gavriel (you’ll hear more when you get to number 14) and find their leather and color range to be some of the most stunning available. This is a great gift for anyone on your list, but also the best to scoop up for yourself.

2. 14K Gold Huggie Hoops. These are an investment that you’ll reach for your entire life. Wearing sweats and loungewear more than ever has made me realize how much a pair of simple, special jewelry can elevate an outfit.

3. Double Letter Ring. I have a ‘K O’ ring for Keogena and Oshiolema (I need to add a ‘Z’ eventually!) I always get so many questions and compliments on it. This was such a special gift to me because it’s thin and delicate enough to wear every day and I love any reminder of the ones I love.

4. Monogram Signet Ring. Big investment alert. This is such a great statement. It’s perfect for gifting a last name initial, a spouse’s initial or a first name initial and looks so beautiful worn with other rings or on its own. (this similar one is stunning, a fraction of the price and offers complimentary engraving)

5. Vinters Daughter Serum. This is also an investment…and that feels like an understatement because it’s skincare. But this is an experience, friends. Not only does this non-toxic serum work like magic but it feels so special and luxurious and it’s not something someone would likely purchase on their own which makes it a great gift.

6. Silk Eye mask + Silk Pillowcase. I have this eye mask and am picking up the pillowcase this week because the dry weather does a number on my hair. This is the perfect gift for that lady in your life that either loves her sleep or needs more sleep. (This set is satin rather than silk and is a fraction of the price.)

7. Cuyana Cosmetic Pouch Set. I got these for Christmas last year and they have been the absolute best duo. The leather stands up to being shoved in a jam-packed bag and the colors are absolutely stunning. I use the smaller pouch for chords and batteries and the larger one for makeup.

8. My Robe. This needs no introduction here on Gold & Graphite. This is the very best gift you could give or receive this year when everyone is home more than ever. This robe is butter and clouds and warmth and paradise and I recommend it to everyone I know 100x over.

9. To-Go Cup. Sure, we may not be leaving the house all that much but this cup is still the perfect gift paired with a beautiful tea or a starbucks gift card inside because you can never go wrong with a stunning cup.

10. Larq Self-Cleaning Water Bottle. I’ve had germs on the brain in 2020-just me? This water bottle has a purifying UV light that cleans it every two hours so it’s an ideal gift for everyone on your list. It doesn’t hurt that it’s so pretty.

11. German Glass Tea Kettle. This $35 kettle is like jewelry for your stove. You all know how much I love tea and this will be the newest addition to my collection. I love being able to watch the water boil through the glass.

12. Bubble Bath. I used to keep this bubble bath in every bathroom of our house and have given it as a gift for a decade now. The scents are so comforting and the bottle is gorgeous which makes it a gift that acts as decor as well as delight.

13. Dry Brush. This is another thing that feels so special but people likely won’t purchase it for themselves. It would make the perfect gift with a body scrub or bubble bath and maybe a candle as a little “night-in” kit.

14. Mansur Gavriel Tote. I get asked about this tote so often and it is one of my favorite bags I own. The buttery leather is soft and sturdy and surprisingly resilient. I love that I’m able to pack diapers and wipes and a laptop and pouches of snacks and toiletries with ease. Again, I can’t rave about the colors enough. This blush color is the exact one I have, but the black bag with the blush interior is my second favorite.

15. UV Phone Sanitizing Box. I told you I had germs on the brain this year! I’m getting one of these to live in the kitchen so I can work on leaving my phone out of the room overnight.

16. Roller Skates. Come on, how fun are these!? They come in the cutest colors and whether you give it as a gift of nostolgia or scoop it up for your own exercise, these just couldn’t be more playful and awesome.

17. Pink Kettle. I love tea enough to have included two kettles because I just couldn’t choose. I don’t know what it is about 2020 that has made people fall in love with tea, but I hear you guys and I’m here to help. I always want my kettle to be pretty enough to live on the stove and make a plain kitchen feel unique.

18. A Beautiful Journal. I love gifting a journal and some beautiful pens. No matter how many journals I have, I still fill them up and find a reason to start a new one.

19. Slippers. Honestly, any slippers will do but these are my new slippers and they are lovely. The price-point is fantastic, the cozy level is 100 and I’ve been wearing them all day long.

20. Jewelry Case. This $33 jewelry case is the perfect accompaniment to a special piece of jewelry and it’s something she’ll use for a lifetime. I like that this is great for travel but also made to sit open on the counter as a safe spot for the jewelry you slip on every morning.

Guaranteed Win:

Here are some no brainers that are hands-down, without a doubt, 100% guaranteed to be a favorite for anyone who receives it including the blanket of my dreams, the facial steamer that is so wonderfully boujee, a wellness carrier for your oil and supplement loving friend, Veja sneakers and more (tell them you HAVE to give the tongue a week to loosen up and then it will be like butter. They are the sneakers I wear and love most.)

Stocking Stuffers:

I love to gift things like skincare, cards, candy and undies. I’ll keep the undies to myself but here are some things I’d be elated to stuff in your stocking.

For the Fitness Lover:

Oh You Fancy, Huh?

Warning- these gifts are investments and have a price tag to match. They’re more likely the special gifts you’re asking for rather than gifting to co-workers but I get asked about this every year and always love to share what I would call a great investment. These are the rings I wear on my right hand every day. They were a 5 year Anniversary gift and I highly recommend them. This is identical to the ear cuff I wear (this one has the best price!) and this handbag is one of my most worn purses. I’m not precious with my handbags and it has stood up to so much actual mom-life that it wins a gold medal in my book. This purse is the only bag I have my eye on this year.

My favorite luxury places to gift from:

Net-A-Porter: hands down favorite. Their gift boxes with a calligraphy note is breathtaking and makes even a pen feel so special. I rarely even look at clothing here because $$$ but the accessory selection is impeccable.

ShopBop: Their curated selection is second to none. This is one of my favorite places to shop for myself.

Ring Concierge: Nearly all my special jewelry is from this shop.

Nordstrom: The world’s best store EVER. Especially for gifting because they have the greatest return policy of any store.

Moda Operandi: The fanciest of the fancy.

I hope you find this helpful and I can’t thank you enough or trusting me to help you with your gifting (or to guide your self-gifting!) Please let me know what you pick up!

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