Holiday Gift Guide: For the Littles

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! O always asks me to wait til “the day after” to put up a single decoration and really get into the Christmas spirit. Friends, it’s here!!! The magic of Christmas is elevated 100% since having kids. This is the first year Oshiolema really gets it and I’m so excited to continue our little family tradition of baking cinnamon rolls, blasting classic carols through the speakers and decorating the tree with cocoa in hand. Here are some of my favorite gifts for the babes this year.

Jellycat Stuffed Animals: These are just the most precious and soft stuffed animals out there. I wish I could have included every single one of them! Flamingo? Reindeer? Dalmatian? Octopus? If you can dream it, they’ve probably got it. The kids both have a couple each and love them to death.

Wooden Camera: Oshiolema is always asking to take photos of us on my “real camera” whenever I have it out so it’d be so much fun to let him wear his own wooden camera and feel like he’s really getting the shot with me.

Charlie Play Kitchen: This kitchen is for sure nicer than my own, but it looks fantastic in the playroom, is such fantastic quality and the kids love cooking on it every single day.

Dear.Freya Bows: I get asked all the time where I get bows and probably 90% of them are from this Etsy shop. The designs each season with options for headbands, clips or pigtail sets, they’re always my favorite and are such a sweet gift!

Daisy Cookware Set: These are just too sweet to pass up.

Butterfly Wings: Keogena is still a little too young to really care about dress-up, but growing up with four sisters meant lots and lots of dress up and I see plenty of that in our future. In the meantime, I plan on hanging these as decoration in her bedroom or the playroom.

Seedling Galaxy Cape: I couldn’t leave the little astronauts out of this because these are so awesome and are still cool enough to be hung up on display when not in use

Star Apron: this mini apron is perfect for Christmas Cookie baking!

Kitpas Crayons: these crayons are water-soluble and can be used on every surface from glass to chalkboard and simply wiped away with a wet towel or cloth.

Modern Blocks: I love a good wood block and being able to choose your color (the baby pink is so sweet!) is such a special touch. These are the types of things I’ll save when the baby years are over and pack away to give to my kids when they have babies of their own.





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