Know Him for Yourself Part 2: Modern Day Miracle

Two weeks ago, I witnessed another miracle first-hand. I have had serious back issues since I was 15 years old, and this past weekend I threw my back out and was unable to walk or move properly for the better part of four days. Everyone’s first question when I say I threw my back out is “Oooooh, doing what?” (Winking and giggling and raising their eyebrows suggestively…) and they are so disappointed when I tell them the truth: I threw my back out while sleeping. Literally.
I had thrown my back out in the past, but this was the worst by far. I was in constant pain, my back and stomach were swollen to the point where my ribs were bruising me with every breath, and for those four days I was petty much useless. (Shout out to the best husband in the world for cooking/preparing my meals, putting me in the ice machine, keeping my Ibuprofen schedule, setting up my styling photo shoot, and walking behind me rather than ahead of me, no matter how much longer it took.)
After a few chiropractor visits and x-rays I learned that one of my legs is shorter than the other. This has left my hips at a significant slant and has thrown me into early disc degeneration; hence me throwing my back out like a 90 year old. I asked my pastor and his wife to be in prayer for permanent and miraculous healing. Isn’t it just like God to answer the prayer in the same day?
I explained the story about my leg-length issue to my Pastor and he said, “I had the same problem! I was a triple jumper and constantly threw my back out, only to find that my legs had an inch difference in length! 30 years ago, I was prayed over for this and I have never had a problem since. I’m going to do that for you tonight.’ He sat me down in a chair and pushed me all the way to the back of it. Holding my extended legs in his hands, my husband, our good friend, and Pastor all recognized how much shorter my right leg was. Pastor looked at me and said “Jill, you’re about to witness a miracle.”
I wasn’t nervous, I wasn’t giddy, I wasn’t scared; I was completely ready and faithfully believing I would be healed. The three of us prayed and praised and believed for miraculous healing, and in that moment I felt an enormous stretching of my leg, and experienced- what seemed like- the soreness from doing a single-leg workout. When I opened my eyes and looked down at my ankle bones, they were almost completely symmetrical. I was ecstatic and too shocked to speak when my pastor said, “Lord, we are thankful. You are so awesome. This is close, but we are believing you for perfection.” In the next five minutes I felt a final stretch in my leg, and my legs were perfectly even. I was healed from a life-long problem in a half-hour, and doubt never crossed my mind once!
As I walked around for the next few days, every time I would say “my right leg is still sore!” My husband would tell me “it’s a reminder of your healing.”
We have been unemployed now for three months, and we are more joyful and at peace than ever. God is the Prince of Peace. I have x-rays to prove a difference in the length of my legs, yet they now are even. God is miraculous. I had an allergy that was negatively affecting everything I did, yet I was delivered from it. God is the Ultimate Healer. My classes are more demanding and difficult than ever before, yet I am experiencing so much joy in them. God is Gracious.
 Jeremiah 29:13 says, “If you look for Me wholeheartedly, you will find Me.
 I challenge you to look for Him. Look when you are mocked, look when you are pitied, look when it doesn’t make sense…and you will find Him. And when He removes something from you-or you from something- and the adjustment is challenging or painful; see it as a reminder of what God has delivered you from. Believe in modern day miracles, for the same God that made the blind-man see knows the numbers of hairs on your head, and every thought on your heart.

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  • Arnesha Sims 1 year ago Reply

    I’m glad I found your blog! I’m seeking God for a healing from corn and the rest of the food allergies the tests are showing i developed. I know our God is greater than any disease. HlalleluYah for your testimony!!

  • Jill 12 months ago Reply

    I have been 100% corn free for years so I’m so thankful you have solidarity here!

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