A Full Recap of Los Angeles with the Littles

I can’t wait to share more about why we were in L.A. in the coming months but it was such a treat to take the kids to L.A. twice in the past year (you can see our trip this past summer right here.) Stepping out of the airport to see that periwinkle blue sky and dry heat on your skin is pure gold. This was a bit of a work trip but we always manage to sneak in trips to our favorite spots.

We took the 7am flight as usual since we love to get out as early as possible. When we landed we went straight to a meeting and from there a car took us straight to our hotel, the Santa Monica Proper, which I’d never been to before and was completely blown away by. The hospitality team there is just impeccable and the decor left me completely speechless.

this dress
got so many questions both on Instagram and in person. I waited a year to take the plunge and I haven’t been this happy with a purchase in a long time. It’s perfect for a belly, for nursing after the baby arrives, hiding the belly postpartum and will still be the perfect dress when my body is more itself again. The long version is sold out but you can find it in this beautiful pattern here.

the kids matching polka dot pajamas:

We like to get a good walk in on our first day and head to the nearest grocery store to stock our fridge with essentials. My prayer is that Erewhon Grocery store would one day make it to Texas-they’d make me the happiest girl in the Lone Star State. I always pick up the salmon combo for the kids and I with some delicious veggies on the side, cereal, milk, yogurt, steel cut oatmeal cups and some granola bars and snacks to have on hand. This ensures we’re not always desperate to go to a restaurant and can spend some mornings in the room eating breakfast rather than racing out first thing every day. That walk completely did me in, though, and by the end of it I was worse than the kids asking “how much furttherrrr?” We ate dinner in the room with a movie which is always our favorite first day routine.

The next day was a full work day so the kids ate their oatmeal in the room with a side of bacon and fruit, of course. We spent the day working at the beach and came home completely tuckered out and ready for our final day of the trip-Friday. I’ve said time and time again that Erin McKenna Bakery is a must-visit in both New York and L.A but the NYC location doesn’t even compare to this one. We can’t figure out why but we’re always straight-up giddy to indulge whenever we’re in southern California. The best part about Erin McKenna Bakery and what makes it so near and dear to us is that every single item in the shop is vegan and gluten free. For our family, that’s just a treat above and beyond. O always goes to town whenever he gets the chance to eat here and this time the kids remembered just what a treat they were in for.

O’s outfit:

We went around to some favorite toy shops to pick up a couple things for the baby and after a family nap back in the room, made our way back to the beach to soak it in one last time. Every time we leave California it breaks my heart a little bit. The sunshine and birds chirping and flowers blooming everywhere and lush greens and walkability plus the sand and the waves just make it so magical. We’ll never take these trips for granted and I may be counting down the minutes til’ I get all my clean treats again!

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