The Best Floral Pieces for Spring + Shopbop Sale Picks

Whether you consider yourself a girly-girl or not, florals are the best reminder that Spring is indeed on it’s way. I’ve always had more of a classic, neutral style but in the past couple years I’ve found my floral pieces to get so much wear that they’re worth the investment 100 times over and have become a bit of a neutral themselves. 

This dress caused quite the uproar the other day and I completely understand why- Doen hits the nail right on the head every.single.time. I’m an enormous fan of Doen which is no secret given how often I’ve talked about their pieces over the years (you can see my other favorite dress in this post and scattered all throughout the blog.) The prices have begun to climb since everything is handmade domestically and the quality and attention to detail are unmatched but I like to scoop up one special thing each season. If you’re nervous about taking the plunge, because pieces sell out almost immediately the resale value is incredible. I try to sell my lesser worn pieces before buying another but that’s just how I prefer my closet to work.

During pregnancy I prefer to wear dresses as often as possible since maternity pants don’t fit quite like I wish they did and, let’s be real, who wants to wear pants this pregnant?  I look for something with a waistband that can sit above my belly so I can easily adjust it after the baby arrives. Dresses can often read over-the-top, especially when it comes to floral pieces, so pairing them with my favorite casual sneakers is essential. I also love to pair my more feminine floral pieces with high top converse just to make it that much more fun.

floral favorites:

and now, my ShopBop Sale picks. I’ve talked a lot in the past about how I’m passionate about making wardrobe investments to last for the long haul. That doesn’t mean it needs to be a million dollars, it means it needs to be a workhorse. If you don’t see yourself wearing a floral dress more than once-do not buy that dress. I do, however, highly recommend investing in the pieces you think you’ll reach for time and time again in your wardrobe and will make you feel your best every single time.

My standouts are the jeans I get asked about all.the.time and wear at least once a week while I’m not pregnant which would be this pair and this pair and of course, this Madewell pair.

You know I’ll vouch for Veja sneakers any day of the week (you can hear me gush about them and the tip you MUST hear if you’re buying a pair in this video) and being able to snag them on sale is very rare.

Taking the plunge on the tee that will last forever and add just that extra something to every single outfit is always intimidating but I can’t recommend this one or this tee dress enough.

And lastly, swimwear. Swimwear is selling out FAST so I’d definitely pull the trigger on that one special suit you’ll wear forever. I like to get high waisted bottoms and a top so I can wear the top with other bottoms while pregnant or recently postpartum and then come back around for those bottoms later on. Especially this top which I shared about on my Scottsdale trip worn with some old white bottoms-its SO good for hiding that weird armpit skin flap and. Also, this coverup which is pictured here and you guys loved so much-you will not be disappointed by this dreamy thing.

Without further adieu- here is my little “Shopbop Favorites Shop”

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