Little Victories

  1. Emily says:

    I have never had an MRI and after reading this I am sure I don't ever want. Sounds way worse then childbirth (in my opinion- when I am pregnant I actually look forward to the labor part!). Glad your hubby is taking good care of you!

  2. I have had MRIs for the many injuries my body has gone through. I was supposed to have had one in late 2011 and I looked at the whole and it looked smaller than ever before! I could barely breathe. I ended up asking for the MRI machine for obese patients (the hole is bigger) and then opting for an open MRI. But, I wish I'd read this blog post before hand. I would've reminded myself to have faith that nothing was going to happen to me in that small hole because I'm His child! =) Love your posts, please don't stop blogging.

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