Look Up.

“God doesn’t give us faith so we can avoid troubles, He gave us faith so that we can stay strong and steady when we go through them.”
-Joyce Meyer
Something I struggle with a great deal is keeping my mind set on the truth of God’s promise when it’s not easy. I can repeat over and over that I know the Lord has a plan for me. I know that wherever He sends my husband and I, it is exactly where we are supposed to be. I know that all things God works for the good of those who love him, whohave been called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28) I know these things with all my heart and believe them with all my soul. But, when a series of hard situations hit, my eyes start to look around a whole lot more than they look up.
A week ago today, my husband was released from the Philadelphia Eagles. He has played in the NFL for 7 years-this would be his 8th. He is absolutely incredible and I get goose bumps every time I see him run out onto that field. I see all the hard work and preparation that goes into his craft all year long. I cook the meals that are a little more protein-packed than they are yummy, I work out next to him and see a man that never settles for less than excellence, and I see the long hours in that playbook as he reaches for perfection on a daily basis. Up until three years ago, he started in every single game, had no injuries, and had no question this is exactly what he should be doing.
Fast-forward to this year, after a few confusing, painful, and trying seasons, we are patiently waiting for God to step in front of us and tell us either “leave” or, “stay.”
When the rug is pulled from under your feet, it is a challenge to stay peaceful. No matter how many times I repeat to myself “If God didn’t want us to be there, I am so thankful we are not there,” some part of my heart stays a little broken. I came across Colossians 3:2 while reviewing some old Bible Studies this morning and it’s simplicity is perfect:
“ Think about the things of heaven, not things of the earth.”
Obvious? Yes. Easy? No. We are creatures of curiosity. We crave answers and understanding, and we crave the answers, like, right now. In order to find the truth, however, we have to be asking the right source. Foolishly and impatiently seeking the answers of this world will certainly break us.  I cannot ask the media, or the coaches, or the fans “why did this happen?” Because they will tell me exactly what the enemy wants us to think. They will say “he is 31, he’s injury prone, he isn’t comfortable in the defense,” and so on. Those may all be true things, but they are forgetting the One we play for- the One who gave us this calling in the first place. We only need to seek Him for answers. If we are still, if we are faithful, we will find Him.
So we are doing just that. We have been back in our home for one week now, and there are few times I can remember when I have been so at peace. This house has been a fortress from troubles for the year that we have owned it, and it truly is such a special place. We are spending our days working out together, organizing rooms that we never quite got to in our time here, spending time with our great friends, camping out in the family room every night and spending lots of time laughing. It feels a little bit like we are lost in time, but wherever we are, it’s completely surrounded by His love.
I encourage you, if you are going through a trial and don’t know where to turn, what to do, or who to believe: Turn to your Bible, get on your knees, and believe what He says.
He loves us enough to lead us exactly where we belong.

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