March and Early April Favorites

March was lovely. Yes, we technically lost our jobs. Yes, we had to move home earlier than anticipated. Yes, Lema had a never ending ear infection. But man, God was so faithful to us. I’m writing this with my hair blowing in the wind, the sun warming my skin and birds chirping overhead. What more could I ask for? Here are the things I read, watched, ate, wore and listened to this past month.

: I finished Judges last month and have been reading Psalms daily. That truly wraps it up. I keep saying I “want to read” things and people who are much busier than me read far more than I do and yet month after month, I’m pretty much only getting my Bible reading done.

Wearing: This past month was another one pretty much strictly dedicated to my momiform.  I’m back home with my full wardrobe but I must say, I was really pleased with the ‘capsule wardrobe’ I brought to Memphis. The items that got the most wear were no-brainers but I’ve been loving these flats in the photo above and this hooded sweater dress (which is currently on sale!) that I got a few weeks ago and wore at least twice a week which O can’t stop raving about. I also finally pulled the trigger on the white denim version of my favorite jeans and can’t believe I didn’t make the investment sooner. Here are some basics that will be worn all spring and well into summer:

Watching: I’ve been slightly obsessed with the Bon Appetit YouTube page. I love Claire’s segment “Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet…” The Kit Kat episode might be my favorite! Their recipe episodes are also the only other thing I’ve been watching this month. Some stand-outs are the english muffin episode, the sourdough bread episode, the grown-up mac and cheese episode and the buttermilk biscuit episode. Can you tell I’ve been dreaming of not gluten free days lately??

While we’re at it, go ahead and watch the pastry season of Chef’s Table on Netflix. I’ve seen the Milk Bar episode with Christina Tosi at least 6 times.

Listening to: I discovered the podcast Lazy Genius early March and have plowed through episode after episode with a smile on my face the entire time. Maybe it’s just the way I’m wired but it brings me so much joy to streamline processes, grow in organization and planning and make life easier + better at the same time. This podcast just tackles all of that at once. My favorite episodes lately have been: Lazy Genius Cleans the Bathroom, Lazy Genius Cleans out the Fridge, Lazy Genius Cleaning Routine, and the Lazy Genius Does the Laundry. I have to stop myself from linking to every single episode right now.

Another Podcast I’ve been loving recently is (shock! gasp!) The Bon Appetit podcast. The episode “Cast Iron Skillets are Forever” taught me so much. Am I the only one genuinely so interested by these things? Anyone?

More Podcast Episodes that were game changers this month:

Paul Tripp on the Crossway Podcast: Parenting in Light of the Gospel

The Next Right Thing: Theme Days

Journeywomen: The Local Church

Eating: I’m still going strong with my Fab 4 Smoothie every morning (more on that in this post) and have received tons of questions on what protein I use. I don’t eat dairy so I love plant based proteins-after trying TONS, this is my daily go-to. The only new thing I’ve incorporated into my day is plantain chips and chive cream cheese. Please, please try this out and let me know what you think! I need to keep mine locked up because I’m plowing through a bag in two days at this point.

What have you been eating, wearing, reading, listening to and watching this month?

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  • Kimberly 3 years ago Reply

    I love reading your blogs, I’m always so inspired!
    I’m a SAHM to a toddler so I literally live in leggings (the VS Sport with pockets are great by the way). But the weather is warming up here in New England so I’m excited to wear my dresses (I love anything neutral colored) sit in the grass and read. Currently reading two books, “Boundaries” and “It Didn’t Start With You.” Both very great books! I highly recommend them!

    Also – I’m definitely buying those nude sandals!

    Jill 3 years ago Reply

    Thank you for the sweet words! And New England! Ah! It’s my dream to visit–what would you say your favorite time of year there is? I’m assuming Fall would be best to make a trip? Thank you for the book recommendations! And sitting in the grass reading a book sounds so lovely-I’ve been sitting on the hot driveway to read in the evening and it’s been magical.

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