May Favorites + Summer Schedule

Last month was a whirlwind of travel and celebration. With Mother’s Day, my baby sister’s wedding, our 8th wedding anniversary and a trip to California we are just now catching our breath. In hectic months I use so many different products that when I reach for the same ones over and over I know I’ve found a winner. Read on for my favorite grain/refined sugar/dairy free brownies, the jeans I can’t stop wearing, more favorites and my summer blog schedule! 

1. Wandler purse. This was a Mother’s Day present and I am over the moon about it. I talked about this purse in my L.A. recap post but it is so much more practical than I initially thought and I’ve worn it every day since.

2.Beef Jerky. I was on the go more than ever this month and found having this in my purse guaranteed I’d have some protein on hand. My sister tried it over the weekend when our niece’s dance recital was a couple hours longer than we anticipated (!) and she was amazed at how delicious it is. I love the mission of this brand to prioritize health over everything without compromising flavor. The honey & cayenne flavor is equally wonderful.

3.White jeans. You guys know how I feel about these-they just had to make the list. Read more about my thoughts here and here but know they don’t leave my body much these days.

4. A Grief Observed. It’s no secret I’ve been in quite a long season of grieving. I’m working through this book along with a couple others right now and though this is heavy it is powerful and causes me to ask questions and sit with feelings I wouldn’t otherwise. I’ll always be grateful for the way the Lord uses C.S. Lewis.

5. Sweet Laurel Brownies. I could not get enough of these brownies during our time in California and have made them twice since we returned home! These are the absolute best paleo, dairy free, grain free brownie I’ve ever had in my life. Image via SweetLaurel.

6. All things sunscreen. This article was incredibly helpful when it comes to healthy and safe skin to put on my skin and, more importantly, the skin of my littles every day this summer. I use this sunscreen and just ordered this one for them.

7. Indie Lee Toner. Toner has changed my skin. 100%, no drama added. I couldn’t figure out why my skin was breaking out the way it was and yet still not being as hydrated even though I used a serum AND a moisturizer. I’d heard so many people saying what a big mistake it is to skip toner so after doing my research, I settled on this one. I’ve made a conscious effort to us it every morning and night starting a few months ago and I’ve never seen such a difference. It’s completely natural and toxin free which makes it even more magical in my book.

Coconut Flakes cereal. This almost feels silly to add but if you’re completely grain and legume free like me you’ll understand. I missed cereal so much it hurt. There’s nothing like a midday bowl or a late night snack and while I’d found a couple Paleo grain-free options, none of them offered me that flake/crunch texture I was craving. Until this. It is truly just coconut so if you’re not a fan, this one isn’t for you. I love the lightness of it and am giddy to be able to pour a bowl of cereal again. If you’re feeling extra, you can throw in some dark chocolate chips to make it a treat.

Everybody Loves Raymond. I love this show so much and every now and then I found myself watching an episode smiling ear to ear the whole time. Lighthearted favorites get me every time.


For the month of June, you can find a new blog post here every Monday morning. For the month of July, there will be NO blog posts. We will resume in August with the normal Monday + Thursday schedule! Happy Summer, friends! 


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