I’m surprised I don’t have a post with this title yet, because little moments are the things I pay attention to most at the end of the day. I decided to post a weekly section on little moments from the week. I have had too many special moments and it’s only Wednesday…so I’m posting one early. 

This morning, one of my dearest high school friend came to the city. She is going to school for nursing in southern California, so we don’t get a chance to see each other very often. She happens to be in San Francisco for a missions trip and squeezed a few hours in to have coffee with lil’ ol’ me. I played it up too much in my head, picturing talking for hours and catching up on every minute of life we have missed since our last long video chat (Early January.) Real life kicked in quickly. She had a small window of time to register for classes, and I could see her half listening, with one eye on her laptop, half an eye on her strawberry nutella crepe and half an eye on me. Her responses went something like this: “thats so exciting! So tell me about ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!! Sorry, tell me about HOW IS THAT CLASS ALREADY FULL?!?!? wow, this is rude, remember when I AM CALLING STUDENT SERVICES THIS SECOND.” In the midst of that, I remembered I had to make a quick call to my lovely wedding planner to discuss whether or not we are renting a chandelier… this conversation ended up going on for fifteen minutes. To most, a “breakfast to catch up” that involved coffee, strawberry nutella crepes, cell phones, laptops, and yelling would look strange and unsuccessful. But at the end of it, when we said our goodbyes, I was so thankful for the moments I had to laugh at how incredible our friendship is. And though our meetings are sometimes short, they are always so sweet. I praise God for such a beautiful friend. 

(Here we are in 06’…still going strong!)

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