Here we are on a lovely Sunday night, on the first of May. This day marks “my wedding month,” and exactly three weeks until I Do. I can’t believe we’re out of the “months” and into the “weeks!” When I used to see women out and about and hear that they were ___ weeks away from their wedding, my heart would get all nervous. I’d think to myself, “shouldn’t she be at some appointment or something?! Staying inside to avoid city bacteria, unfortunate tan lines, broken bones and the like? NEGLECTFUL BRIDE!” And now that I’m here, I’m laughing at the fact that the wedding is on the burner behind the back burner in my brain. I cannot wait to marry my bubs- but there are 288,881,0118 things that require my full attention that happen to take place first.

 The city was absolutely beautiful today and everything seemed a little bit sweeter. When my love and I finished church, we decided to walk to a new doughnut spot. (Yes, he loves his doughnuts…and I may or may not have eaten three.) On the way there we found a beautiful modern breakfast spot to try and loved it. I decided that for the weeks leading up to the wedding I will give up sweets and flour again. I allowed myself a week long free for all, and have a face full of about twenty seven pimples to show for it. My body told me to chill out, and I obliged. After the three doughnuts.

In church today, I was absolutely captivated by a song I have known by heart since the fourth grade. It is a sure-fire winner for summer camps, chapel sessions, and youth group. The problem with knowing the words by heart sometimes is that you begin reciting rather than soaking in every single syllable. I chose to do that this morning, and found myself in awe of how worthy Our Father is to be praised.

I’m forgiven, because You were forsaken
I’m accepted, You were condemned
and I’m alive and well, Your spirit is within me
Because You died and rose again. 

Amazing Love, how can it be?
That You, My King would die for me?
Amazing Love, I know its true…
and it’s my joy to honor You.
In all I do, I’ll honor You. 

As I sit back and look at all the stresses of this week (my face looking like I had an allergic reaction/mosquito bite attack/ and now leprosy after all the benzoyl peroxide…not even starting the table assignments for the wedding…three projects, three tests, and two papers due in the next 10 days, whiney whiney, complaney complaney...) I realized that I always feel more at peace and calm when I notice all the small things to be thankful for. “It’s my joy to honor You” is a fake it til’ you make it kind of thing. I made it a point this week to say “Thank You, Father” out loud at all the little things. The change was dramatic, and I am able to smile ear to ear in awe of how blessed I am to serve Him instead of cry when a certain teacher makes me want to do a certain list of unspeakables. I challenge you to introduce this in the coming weeks, hopefully it puts a smile on your face too. 

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