Mothers Day Gift Guide

mothers day gift guide - new mom

There may be a few types of Moms on your list this year. The mom on a fit kick, the mom who can’t stop talking about her garden, the mom who made this her year of travel, the new mom-whatever mom you find yourself wanting to shower with love this year, there’s something for her here.

The mom on a fitness kick:

HOW YOU KNOW: If she’s told you she’s been working out more or has plans to, if she recently had a baby and has talked to you about a desire to move her body more, lets just say the key-word here is her telling you about her desire for or passion to workout. I would not recommend giving your mother-in-law a workout dvd or your sister some free weights if they haven’t expressed any interest in exercise. I repeat… I can’t see it going over well. What money can’t buy: Agree to meet her for a workout class once a week (Sign up! Print the confirmation!) or be an accountability partner.

The garden mom:

HOW YOU KNOW: Joanna Gaines’ garden is her screensaver. She’s wearing t-shirts that say “I’d rather be in my garden.” Her YouTube que is filled with videos on soil and garden tours. These gifts are for the green thumb. If you know someone is wanting a bit of a “starter kit,” you can go the route of getting some essentials and seed packets. If you’re gifting a more seasoned gardener, it is a little trickier to supply what they don’t already have, but an updated watering can, pair of gloves and stunning seeds always does the trick. What money can’t buy: Agree to watch her kids for an afternoon while she freely wanders the garden store (or Home Depot) for hours.

For the new mom:

HOW YOU KNOW: Oh…you’ll know. This mom is elated and exhausted and uncomfortable in her body and probably either wanting to be in her house alone or out of her house alone more than many things. What money can’t buy: Ask her what would be most helpful to her. Is her baby old enough that you can take her for a morning or afternoon? Can you bring food to her and stay at her house for a few hours (or more) so she can either leave and do whatever she’d like or stay and take a super long bath and nap? Even if she says “I’m great! That’s okay, you don’t have to do that!” in that weird high pitched voice…just do it. She’ll thank you.

For the hostess and mom who loves all things home:

HOW YOU KNOW: This mom will choose Martha Stewart over US Weekly every single time. She can put together a spread like nobody’s business and is often talking about “natural lighting” and “open concept” layouts. She asks for dishes and pillows for Christmas and her favorite accounts to follow on social media are interior designers and home builders. What money can’t buy: Send her to Barnes and Noble to pick up a stack of design magazine and books and read and dream and sip a coffee. This sweatshirt sums up the hostess/homebody mom completely.

Never, ever underestimate the beauty and simplicity of a beautiful pitcher with flowers inside. You don’t need to spend a dime to make a mother feel special on Mother’s Day. Your words will absolutely mean the most. (Oh, and offering to spend time with her and her kids or just her kids will also be a win.)

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