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Want to know my most pinned photo of all time? O’s groomsmen gifts to his friends on our wedding day. It’s a head scratcher, for sure, but those are the facts. Since our wedding day 8 years ago, it has consistently gotten pinned at least 100 times a month which leads me to believe one thing: folks are curious about this whole genre. O gifted his groomsmen a watch, cufflinks and a pair of superhero socks to be worn on that day because he’s fancy like that (and he was still playing football at that time so…you know, disposable income looked a little different.) Here are the items I advise friends to gift on their big day:

Field Guides: A cool book to serve as both a guide to the city where your wedding is being held as well as a memory to stay in their office seems like killing two birds with one stone to me. O isn’t into the whole coffee table book thing so he says “why would they want a book?” But as a woman, I’d be thrilled if my guy came home with one of these.

Sock+ tie+ pocket square set: This set is the perfect gift if you’re looking to get all the guys something to wear day-of. This ensures everyone is wearing the same tie and pocket square that they don’t have to return to Men’s Warehouse the next day.

Charging wallet: We all know how quickly a phone dies the day of a wedding. You’re typing in addresses, ordering coffee and Postmates, listening to music, taking and editing photos–you need a charger. This wallet is monogrammable and has a little adapter cord to charge an iPhone. What could be better than that?!

Disposable camera: Okay so this one is more for you. I recently started using disposable cameras again because it’s so different than snapping a photo with a phone. It causes you to really consider the moment and be present. Have your best man collect all the cameras at the end of the night and print doubles- send your groomsmen home with one set and keep the other! Here is the cute camera in the image above and here is the giant set of 10 cameras I’d buy.

Sleep mask: I got O a sleep mask for Christmas and have stolen it back for myself so maybe men aren’t quite as willing to wear it as women are, but this is a funny nod at just how little sleep they’ll be getting in the days surrounding your big day.

Tie clip: If you are going the rent-a-tie route, this is a cool personalized gift to have your guys wear on the day of.

Socks: What you’ve all been waiting for-superhero socks. For our wedding 8 years ago, superheroes aren’t “all the rage” like they are now. O has collected comics since he was a little kid and knows everything there is to know about every storyline, superhero and comic their ever was. He hunted forever for socks to gift his guys and ended up way overpaying for some pairs in the UK. It was worth it! They took some great groomsmen photos pulling up their pant legs to reveal their socks and it’s one of my favorite shots of the day.



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