My All Natural Non-Toxic Makeup Routine

Last September I realized I had to make some pretty significant changes in reducing my exposure to toxins in my life to heal my autoimmune disease. While the toxins found in most beauty products are dangerous for everyone, they’re especially harmful for someone like me with Hashimoto’s because the endocrine-disrupting chemicals can quickly cause estrogen dominance with directly affects the thyroid, immune system and adrenals. After reading Dr. Izabella Wentz’s book Hashimoto’s Protocol I made a commitment to completely overhaul my makeup routine. If you’re looking to do an overhaul of your makeup collection or just to replace a few products AND if you want to know the non-natural makeup product I just cant quit, keep reading!

I’ve loved makeup my entire life and after years of fine tuning my exact system (you can see my old makeup routine here) I was committed. I had it down to a fun, wonderful science and starting over was pretty sad to be honest. It took months and months of trial and error but I absolutely love my natural makeup routine now. It’s simple, quick and most importantly it’s not harmful to me whatsoever. This teeny snippet of the information about why to consider avoiding conventional makeup really made an impact:

“Women, on average, use 12 personal care and cosmetics products per day, which amounts to 168 different chemical ingredients! In contrast, men use an average of six personal care products, with an average of 85 different chemicals, on a daily basis. While it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact reasons as to why seven women develop Hashimoto’s for every one man with the condition, perhaps the use of endocrine-disrupting chemicals may play a role.

If you take a look at the average American woman’s bathroom, you will probably find close to 100 personal care products, including hairspray, nail polish, lotion, shampoo, cleansers, makeup, and perfume. Most of the chemicals in these products have not undergone safety studies to verify their nontoxicity to humans, because most cosmetic chemists only test the chemicals on themselves to see if the products make them more aesthetically appealing

The truth is that the skin is our largest organ, and its porous nature allows most of what it comes in contact with, to be absorbed. One study published in the American Journal of Public Health reported that 64 percent of chemicals found in drinking water were absorbed by the skin when it came into contact with the water. Some areas of the body, such as the underarms and genitalia, have been shown to have a 100 percent absorption rate, meaning that all of the chemicals that are placed on these areas are directly absorbed into the body!”

That excerpt from this article by Dr. Izabella Wentz is just a glimpse into why this is so important to me. You can find my entire Natural Skincare Routine here if you’re interested as well.

Tinted Moisturizer: The only makeup product I use as a base is this tinted moisturizer by Beauty Counter. This product wins award after award by people who really know their stuff and I completely understand why. The coverage is pretty light but it does a great job at making my skin look much more even while still just looking like my own skin. I wear shade No.3.

Concealer: Rituel de Fille. I love this stuff. It truly looks exactly like my skin. When I want a little more coverage since it is pretty light I still will layer my tried and true Tarte Shape Tape (which is not clean or non-toxic but is gluten free) over top of this and use the other concealer as a skin barrier. I wear the shade Sycorax.

Highlighter: RMS Magic Luminizer. I’ve raved about this for years and used it even before I switched over my makeup routine. This highlighter makes you look healthy and fresh like you’re glowing from within and I love that its a cream you can really work into your skin. I put it on my cheekbones and if I don’t want to do any makeup at all sometimes I just do my eyebrows, tap on some of this highlighter and head out the door.

Eyeliner: I get asked about my eyeliner nearly every day and it’s this one by Beauty Counter. Never have I ever used a better, more user-friendly liquid eyeliner and believe me friends. I have tested tons of liquid eyeliners in my day. This is the best. Ever.

Eyeshadow: I have used a single eyeshadow palette for over a year and it’s this one by Beauty Counter. It has everything I need and more seeing as I’ll never use that gold sparkly one but the shades are seriously good.

Mascara: This mascara by WellPeople is another bestseller and award winner. Is it the best mascara I’ve ever used in my life? Nope. Is it the best natural mascara of the many I’ve tried? Yep.

Bronzer: I’m truly impressed with this Beauty Counter bronzer I’m truly impressed with this Beauty Counter bronzer. I love a heavy dose whenever I’m wearing a full face of makeup and it’s so natural looking while being flattering for so many skin tones. There is no shimmer which is also important to me-my pores certainly don’t need annnnyyy extra attention. My shade is completely rubbed off the packaging but I’m assuming it’s ‘Surf.’

Blush: I don’t ask for much from my blush. I’m really simple and this one from the Beauty Counter really does the trick. The shade is unfortunately completely rubbed off of this one too.

Lipstick: Our lips are the number one most dangerous place to put toxins and chemicals which is why if you only change one thing in your routine, I suggest you start with the lips. I’ve tried many lipsticks and while so many are fine, this one is EXCEPTIONAL. That’s why you can buy it at every luxury retailer- it’s just fantastic. I wear it most in my go-to red ‘Thrillest.’

Coconut Lip Balm: I have at least three sticks of this natural chapstick stocked at all times so O can take some with him in the car, I keep one in my purse and the kids can grab one off the counter when they need it. The smell of this is just lovely and it’s my favorite of a few I keep on hand.

If you have any favorite products in your natural makeup kit that I missed please leave it in the comment below!! I love experimenting but because natural makeup is pricier just from a clean ingredient standpoint, I don’t do too much shopping around. I’ve been loyal to these exact products for a year and give each thing my full stamp of approval.

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