My Favorite Bible Resources for Kids

One question I receive over and over again is “What are your favorite resources for teaching your kids about Jesus?” And the answer is long, because it’s a lot of things and also, it’s one thing. We use little flash cards our church sends home with the kids to memorize scripture with Oshiolema. We read a bible story every morning and evening. We do different devotionals and listen to worship and bible verses in song. We do catechism questions and repetition…but mostly, I do my best every day to look like Jesus. And I believe that, along with scripture, is the best tool we have. 

Books are superstars in our house. Keogena could, for the most part, take them or leave them. Oshiolema, on the other hand, would trade his bed, his snacks, his superheroes and race cars for the chance to read a couple more books. Because of this, we read a lot. We read a children’s Bible after breakfast, ask each other what we need prayer for and pray for whoever is on the list that day. That’s our ‘Bible time’ or ‘quiet time’ as a family. After that, O and Oshiolema go through catechism questions together. I had NO idea what the word catechism even meant last year, but I love how much Oshiolema is learning through the repetition and asking questions. It truly blows my mind. He’s up to question 60 (we’ve skipped about 5 or 10 that just felt too mature for him).

Back to the books-we have tons of christian books focusing on God’s love, characters and stories like Jonah and the Whale, Moses and Noah’s Ark. Those books are helpful and enjoyable, but these are the  core players in our daily reading routine:

The Five Minute Bible Stories This book is perfect for Keogena’s age- 21 months old. The stories are super short and simple but stay true to the Word without compromising.

The Jesus Storybook Bible This is definitely the most impactful book we have for the kids. It’s more mature, definitely a storybook, but it is a Bible through and through. It weaves the thread of Jesus from old testament to new and gives children (and adults!) such a beautiful picture of God’s love. We also listen to this at lunch with the Audible app!

Jesus Calling Bible Storybook This is similar to the Jesus Storybook bible, but the style is a little bit different and feels more youthful somehow. We alternate this in every now and then.

Jesus Calling for Little Ones This is a sweet devotional for kids. We don’t pick it up as often, but Oshiolema enjoys it when we do.

Superhero Storybook If you have a son like mine…this will be a quick favorite. The Superhero Storybook highlights men in the Bible like David, Joshua, Noah and Abraham and shows their superhero qualities like wisdom and strength. Each feature shares the story of that man and it shows kids an elderly man with a white beard can be a superhero because of his extreme faith or obedience. I love this one.

Here are a few other books I really enjoy for the kids

I listen to at least two podcasts a day. Usually it’s closer to 4. I enjoy them so very much and learn more than I thought possible just by listening to conversations and musings. If you scrolled through my podcast app, you’d find maaaannnnnyyyyyy. And I truly enjoy them all. While there are a good amount of motherhood podcasts I subscribe to and listen to regularly, these are the four that I turn to for the subject of biblical parenting advice.

Risen Motherhood Podcast  I’ve raved about the Risen Motherhood team time and time again, so I couldn’t leave the podcast out in this post. The way Emily and Laura weave the gospel into issues such as postpartum body image and the anger motherhood can bring out of us is unparalleled. I’ve never missed an episode and I’ve learned something from every single one.

God Centered Mom Podcast The God Centered Mom podcast is a resource that feels something like treasure. Heather MacFadyen doesn’t know it yet but she’s a dear friend to me. I have listened to some episodes over and over again and will dig back way into the archives when I need help with a specific topic. Each episode feels like getting to peer into conversations with people in the same walk of life with you or a few steps ahead. It’s a resource I’m deeply grateful for.

Hello Mornings Podcast The Hello Mornings Podcast is so much more than a podcast. Its a movement. Kat Lee has a method to help mom’s spend time with the Lord, plan for their day and exercise every single morning in a way that seems too good to be true. But it’s not! The podcast goes through the current study and features interviews with Christian authors, musicians, pastors, bloggers and more. I’m so inspired by her heart for helping women to be their best selves as mothers.

At Home With Sally If you’re unfamiliar with Sally Clarkson, I’m so excited to introduce you. I read Sally’s book ‘Life Giving Home’ last year and her mission for homeschooling, homemaking and seeking after Christ made me take a long hard look at my intentionality. She is so tender and wise and I enjoy soaking up every drop of wisdom she’ll share.

Some other favorite resources are playing bible verses that have been made into stunning songs with The Verses Project and this CD, which we listen to in the car whenever Veggie Tales isn’t playing. Also, in the mornings the kids watch one show and while most days it’s Paw Patrol or Pj Masks, if we’ve just read a Bible story I like to supplement with ‘Beginner Bible’ on YouTube. I’ll pull it up on the TV and really reinforce what they just learned.

Of course, my favorite way to teach my kids about the gospel is to do my best to weave it into every aspect of our life. Every moment presents an opportunity to turn their eyes to Christ and I’m passionate about making sure scripture isn’t isolated to sitting down with an open Bible. I ask my toddlers for forgiveness far more than I’d like to admit. We pray for reasons big and small all throughout the day and ask lots and lots of questions. I believe the greatest way to introduce our children to Christ is to seek after Him ourselves. To let them see us praying, repenting, reading our bibles and memorizing scripture. Kids are drawn to His love and light, we need only show it to them.

I hope you found this helpful! What are your favorite resources for your kids of all ages? I’m so excited to hear from you.

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