My Favorite Interior Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram

If I could do it all over again, (cue “If I could tuuuurn back time…”) I think I’d go back to school to study Interior Design. It’s been a passion of mine since I can remember and would really come in handy these days as O and I renovate homes together.  Since there are no do overs, I rely heavily on learning through the design teams I admire and Instagram is my favorite place to do just that.  Here are the accounts that make the most appearances in my Saved Folder:

Studio Mcgee.

I have been following this account since Syd and Shea moved from California to Utah and every project since has floored me. The Studio Mcgee signature style is so recognizable and yet each home has its own unique feel. This is the only interior design specific blog I visit weekly and the account I follow most closely. They launched their own impeccably curated shop last year and McGee & Co is my very favorite place to go for flawless decor, investment pieces for the home and fool-proof hostess gifts. Whether they’re working on a new build, promoting their new merchandise or sharing a favorite project by another designer, I’m sitting front row and I don’t plan on moving any time soon! Be sure to tune into their Stories and subscribe to their YouTube channel–their videos make for perfect laundry entertainment.

Becki Owens

This is another account I’ve followed for years and a website I’ve regularly read for even longer. Becki Owens is such a wealth of inspiration! Her taste is impeccable and she shares so in-depth about each of her renovation projects which I find so refreshing. If you browse her blog you’ll find the best sale picks for both clothing and home decor and simple breakdowns for each room in the house. She’s the go-to designer for so many and a quick browse through her feed always leaves me inspired.

Sita Montgomery Interiors

My oh my, what a lovely feed. Everything Sita touches winds up just a little bit more special and spectacular. Her style is very classic and strong while always remaining soft as well-you can expect lots of white, statement lighting, stunning woodwork and interesting textures. She recently finished designing her own home and I may or may not have saved every single photo of her pantry reveal.


Chris Loves Julia

If you love watching step by step renovations, especially of the DIY variety, this is an account you’ve got to follow. This husband and wife duo is the most fun. They have a way of making something incredible out of nothing and each project is somehow more impressive than the last. A friend of mine also told me Julia has Hashimoto’s and I’ve watched her stories ever since because she shares about flare ups and health choices for healing while remaining super real about the harder aspects. I so enjoy following this account!

Kate Marker Interiors

I discovered Kate when she moved next door to my Aunt in my hometown, Barrington, Illinois. Her classic meets farmhouse style is so dreamy- she has a way of making shiplap timeless and mixed metal seem effortless. Every single detail in her projects is considered and somehow, each tile, every light fixture and every paint color is perfectly on point. Her team has a knack for creating the most interesting entryways I’ve ever seen- I’ve never noticed doorways as much as I do in Kate Marker Interiors projects.

The Fox Group

This Utah based husband and wife (and parents of 5!) team has won many awards for their Architecture, Design and Building. I would describe their style as classic through and through. If millwork makes you drool and you never tire of carrera marble, you’ll be completely lost in this account. They specialize in custom home builds and getting peeks of their renovation projects feels like such a treat.

Emily Henderson

I first started reading Emily Henderson’s blog after watching her on HGTV’s Design Star. She is such an entertaining writer and an equally talented designer. Her style started out as way too quirky for my taste so I was just in it for her work-life balance. I loved her posts on pregnancy and navigating motherhood with a full time design business as well, but over the years her style has morphed into something a bit more classic. She still frequents flea markets and loves mid-century modern moment, but it’s much softer now. One of my favorite things about Emily Henderson is the way she dives so deep into sharing her renovation projects and is so freely giving of information. It’s rare and refreshing in the design world for someone to be so vulnerable as to share mistakes and ask for opinions. I really enjoy following along.

Many more accounts fill my Pinterest boards and clutter my phone with screenshots I’ll never find again, but this is a great place to stop for now. What are your favorite interior accounts to follow?

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