Cozy Oatmeal Updates for Autumn

My kids have oatmeal for breakfast at least twice a week. We buy an enormous bag of Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats from Costco and they demolish that thing. Since O and I rarely eat oats anymore I’m able to make two cups of it and have leftovers to doctor up a few mornings later which has been a game changer in our house! My kids are garbage disposals to some extent so they aren’t weird about leftovers but if yours are, reheating this and rehydrating it with your milk of choice will have them convinced it’s straight off the stove. 

One of their favorite oatmeal concoctions is my blueberry oatmeal. It’s not too groundbreaking but the fact that its purple gets them every time! I shared how I make it in this post along with a typical day’s menu for them.

This oatmeal makes a great base for “AB & J” oatmeal a couple days later which is maximum reward for minimal effort. All I do is heat up the blueberry oatmeal, spoon almond butter on top, sprinkle some more fresh berries and banana slices and a drizzle of honey if I’m feeling extra fancy. Voila! I don’t put any sugar or honey in their oatmeal so this one is a big treat. If your kids can do peanuts, peanut butter takes this to the next level as it always tends to do.

My personal favorite oatmeal is Apple Cinnamon. I cut an apple up into small pieces and cook it with the oats so it softens up a bit and sprinkle in a heavy dose of cinnamon and a splash of vanilla. This is fall in a bowl, friends! I used to sneak brown sugar into mine (mmmmmm) but these days I add almond butter and almond milk to it and I don’t miss the sugar one bit. Okay, just one teeny tiny bit.

My last go-to oatmeal flavor in these colder months is Banana nut. I personally don’t love bananas enough to eat them with oatmeal since that is my true texture nightmare, but the rest of my people are huge banana fans. Mashing some bananas and stirring it into the still piping-hot oatmeal, sprinkling some chopped pecans, sliced banana and cinnamon on top is a crowd favorite! It reminds me of the Otis Spunkmeyer banana nut muffins I had every single day my freshman year of high school. Moment of silence for my 14 year old metabolism.

What are your favorite Fall recipes? Before having kids I never would have touched a bowl of oatmeal but it has become a favorite of mind even without sneaking a pinch of brown sugar for it. Who would have thought!

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