The Easiest Autumn Outfit

It’s no secret that I enjoy getting dressed. Even on the days where the only thing on the agenda is a trip to the grocery store, I still put myself together because it truly affects my mood. I’ve learned over the past few years, however, many of you don’t enjoy the process fo getting dressed. Some of you tell me you don’t know what to wear, some of you say nothing looks good of you and some of you tell me “I’m too lazy to get dressed in the morning.” And if you’re nodding along with all of those, here is my solution: the jumpsuit.

 jumpsuit: (old, back in stock) Anthropologie. hat: Rag & Bone. bag: Proenza Schouler. (my most worn bag for 8 years, also stunning in midnight and smoke.) slides: Franco Sarto. (old) similar here and here

For me, even wearing yoga pants and a zip up jacket rather than my giant cozy sweats and a t-shirt makes me feel as though I put effort into myself. That little clothing shift somehow turns the gears for a huge mindset shift and I feel so much more motivated for whatever the day throws at me. Plus, it makes putting my dreamy cloud of a robe on the second I put my kids to bed such a highly anticipated moment every day.

If you feel like you can’t be bothered to put actual pants on and a dress feels too serious and your sweats are calling your name, find one jumpsuit. Just one. Something you can reach for and know you have a one-step outfit waiting for you whenever you’re in need of an outfit in a pinch.

Also, lets pretend this jumpsuit isn’t gaping wide open at the top! One of my buttons came undone in these photos and this super open deep-v was not intentional for a casual Monday morning.

Please tell me if you try out a jumpsuit for the first time! I love it when someone says they aren’t a “jumpsuit person” or “jumpsuits just don’t look right on them” and end up telling me they’re hooked after giving one a try. Here are a few that caught my eye:

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