Roma Part 1

Ciao from Roma! When my husband and I started planning this big Euro trip, we knew we wanted to spend at least a week in Rome. We had both been once before, but this vast empire is just too incredible to only see once. We decided it would be best to stay in an apartment for our eight-day stay so we could cook some meals and certainly save on expenses. Our first few days have been the equivalent of pressing “slow motion” on our lives. 


Since we are still somewhat on Virginia time, we wake up around noon, go for a run and explore while facing the shocked looks of everyone around us (we realized after a few days that exercise is just simply not part of the culture here. We have to work off the gelato, pasta and pizza in advance!) Then we pull out our map and decide where we want to walk. I wrote a large list of restaurants I wanted us to visit so we always know where we can grab a good meal without falling into the tourist trap, and then we wander the day away. Most restaurants and cafes close in the afternoon and don’t open again until 7 or 8pm when dinner starts here in Italy. Gulping down Coca Cola (don’t judge me, it’s my vacation favorite!) and twirling noodles around silver forks at 10pm has become a favorite part of our day. Then we walk some more, usually deciding that we can’t go without gelato shortly before midnight.


One of my favorite things about this city is that there is truly beauty in every detail. The food is so fresh, the people are genuinely happy to see you and there are structures so breathtaking you will be left grasping for air the longer you look. The week has been pretty magical so far.

We’re headed off to the Colosseum and I’m looking forward to brushing up on my Italian today! There has been a whole lot of “Como si dice: doing on over here. Until next time, Arrivederci!

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  • Mama Bear 8 years ago Reply

    Take. Me. Back!!! Savor every minute, every morsel and every architectural detail!

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