San Diahago

Everybody take a big deep breath….hold it….hold it….okay, breathe out. 

That feeling you have right now is how I will feel for two weeks, self imposed relaxation. Why? Because after nearly two months of living out of a suitcases, eating way too expensive room service, and not being in the same city for more than a week at a time, this two weeks (or more) in St. Louis is a dream come true. 

As designated hotel and flight booker, I have become designated travel money-saver. I have noticed that usually, the 7am flights are 100 dollars cheaper than the charismatic, approachable, and very sexy 9am flights. My husband and I don’t discriminate- we tend to snatch up the leftovers with a smile. Whenever 4am rolls around on departure day, and we have usually had an hour and a half of sleep, I promise myself I will sooner cut off my fingers than let them confirm another 7am online booking.

Yet I continue to do it.

This 7am flight, however, led to the beauty that is San Diego.

And it was worth it. 

We really had missed California, and it is always great to reunite with friends. It is that time of year for us…mid July usually means Training Camp is around the corner and it’s time to wind down and enjoy family before we say goodbye to our boys for the next six months. With the lockout, things are a little different, but we still know that after a summer of long days of adventure with our friends, vacations, long weekends and the like- it is time for them to return to their respective teams in their respective cities. If we do not see them on the field, we will not see them until February. This is why we made the most of every single day.

This is the time for changes.

As this season is completely brand new for us, I cannot wait to see the surprises and blessings God brings along. 

And Praise God for the reason for the season; Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Camarillo! 

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