School of Sole

I was inspired recently while waiting for the bus to my afternoon class by staring at the ground. I do this often, mainly because I’m usually thinking of 13 things at once, and to focus on all 13 equally, I can’t be too focused on much of anything; if I look completely zoned out…I probably am.

What shook me from my distractions were the shoes of my fellow classmates. I am amazed at the creativity of the men and women at my school. Some days I am convinced each class room is a catwalk, everyone putting forth their best efforts to please. Maybe we are trying to please instructors, though I secretly believe we are trying to please each other. (I used to say “I dress up for me,” but I don’t believe that anymore. Everyone dresses up for somebody.)

To cater to the Dior portion of my blog, I will keep a running post of the interesting shoes of my classmates. The shots are quick and in the moment, usually snapped with my phone so forgive the quality. I hope you enjoy the moments as much as I do! 

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