I am absolutely terrible at multi-tasking. I’ll admit it…I’ve accepted it. My schedule for the month of April and May is more than I’m used to…therefore certain things have been set onto the back burner, including but not limited to: putting makeup on, shaving my legs, watching full movies/TV shows, posting funny videos to my friends, even…gasp…taking pictures. Needless to say, the blog is getting dusty. 

This is what my plate looks like, to give a small glimpse:

Bootcamp 6am, every day. Pre-Marital counseling once a week. Bible study with the bubs once a week, Bible study with the girls once a week, one Astronomy final, one sixty page Marketing final, one Fabric and Fiber Technology 8 piece line creation, one Fashion Forecasting essay + presentation + attending about 17 school productions to base the work off of, one World Art compare and contrast, wedding string ends to tie up, family in Minnesota to visit, and lots and lots of painting to do. Yet, I will be better! 

Flip your calendars open to May 10th and take a deep breath with me, it’s all over! That’s when I kiss my Junior year goodbye and I can begin the five day countdown until all my favorites are surrounding me here in San Francisco, and the 11 day countdown til’ I am Mrs. Atogwe for good.

It is completely gray outside, but I am channeling tropical days in my brain- counting down the seconds til’ honeymoon time. Keep your eyes on the prize…keep your eyes on the prize…

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  • Nicole 11 years ago Reply

    Oh honey… you are gifted, you are graceful, you are talented and you CAN multitask! Sending you lots of love and so very excited for all that you are balancing right now! xoxo

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