ShopBop Sale Favorites & Where to Invest

It’s that time again, friends. Here are my favorite picks from the sale to get your wardrobe ready for the sun. Yes, at ShopBop most items are pretty pricey even with that “sale” word there, so feel no pressure to even browse if the timing isn’t right, but I’ve dug through thousands of items to find a select few that meet the mark. Whether you’ve been saving to invest in some items and would love to save some pennies on them or if you’ve KonMari’d your entire closet away to make room for things that fit properly or are wanting to begin adding some special, “forever” pieces then keep reading!

Warm weather is just around the corner and if you haven’t browsed my Warm Weather Shop yet, let me just tell you-I’m pretty excited about it. I enjoy every season while it lasts and do my best not to fall into that “It’s so cold! I can’t wait for Summer!” “I’m so hot!! C’mon Fall!” thing. Quickest way to waste a whole year, right there. That said- feeling the sun on my skin these past couple days has made me absolutely giddy. A little secret right off the bat to shopping this sale and making the most of it is purchasing items you needed to purchase anyways from some of your favorite brands like Madewell, Free People Paige, Solid & Striped and so on in order to save where you couldn’t anywhere else!

Now let’s start with the most fun stuff: swimwear.

A trick I like to do is splurge on bottoms that tick all the boxes and can match a top I already own or can find really inexpensively. My boxes: flattering, not skimpy, well lined, high -waist. I also love to invest in a one-piece every year since they get the most wear for me in this season of life!

As far as tops go, I keep it simple here. I can’t recommend enough to resist the shiny trendy tops and go for a few great classic pieces instead! My favorite t-shirt that’ll last years upon years, a great cashmere sweater like this one, (I’ve had mine for 7 years and counting,) a warm weather button down classic and the world’s best denim jacket.

Full disclosure: I don’t fit in any of these shoes. That being said, I think a lifetime of admiring shoes that don’t fit me has made me a bit of a shoe expert. This is probably the best category to invest in because whether you get pregnant and stretch your body for ten months, just had a baby and things aren’t quite settled yet, you gained weight or lost weight or whatever…shoes will always fit. And there are some fantastic ones here!!

On to bottoms and jumpsuits. Again, if you’ve had your eye on a pair of pants or if none of your go-to jeans fit properly then that’s what I’d go for. Lot’s of things I shared in my latest Momiform Essentials post are part of the sale including these overalls and these jeans.

Last but not least, accessories. I have this toiletry case and it’s the only one I travel with. I love all the compartments so I can separate makeup, hair products, skincare, tweezers and all those things to keep them organized. I hang it on a hook or rail in the bathroom right when we arrive and talked about it in the past here. If you’re in need of a tech or travel refresh, this is the time. The backpack section has been my favorite because Mom life= backpack life. And for all of you who have been telling me, “I wish I could pull off a hat!” You can. Now’s the time.

I’m not scooping up anything this go-around because my birthday just passed and it’s not a spending season for me, but if I was to buy anything it’d be a one-piece, a pair of shoes to add to the daily rotation and that army green jumpsuit I can’t quite stop coming back to. Enjoy!

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