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Earlier this week, I shared why and how to choose your Momiform, now I’m back to share my tried and true favorites for this season. It’s always the hardest part of the year from a clothing perspective-I’m completely over big coats and winter accessories but it’s far too cold to whip out the sundresses and shorts. Practical basics are the name of the game for me. Be sure to check out the Fall 2021 Momiform Post here.

Yes, my color palette may be classified as “boring,” but I’m a firm believer in neutrals being your best investment. You won’t find me in color too often, but by having this as the foundation of my wardrobe allows for easy addition of color and punch. These neutrals lend themselves well to a ‘capsule wardrobe’ of sorts since everything is interchangeable. I’m only going to talk about five of my absolute favorite pieces in this whole lineup:

The White Tee: Friends. Investing in a white t-shirt feels absolutely ridiculous. I get that. I felt that same way for many, many years. A few years ago I “invested” in a really high quality version of this staple and it was such a game changer. I haven’t had to update it until a few weeks ago (natural deodorant, man. Staining all my favorites.) This is flattering, crisp and looks just as good with a black blazer on date night as it does with a great pair of jeans at the park with the littles. If pulling the trigger on this price point still feels like too much, this one is also great at a lower price point.

The Black Bodysuit: I was an ice skater for a while there growing up in Chicago. Willingly subjecting myself to the crotch-button wasn’t something I ever thought I’d do, and yet here we are. This bodysuit is the top to end all tops. It is smooth and slimming and all those wonderful ‘s’ words that make getting dressed a breeze.

The 3 x 1 Jeans: I’ve had these jeans for a month now and I’m almost embarrassed to say how much playing time they’ve gotten in my wardrobe during that time. Lets just say I wear them every week. They’re the jeans that get the most compliments and they feel like what those “pajama jeans” commercials must be selling. Guys. These are the MOST comfortable ever! If you try them out you have to let me know how you feel in them. I’m crushing hard.

The Neck Scarf: I wear a neck scarf at some point every week too. In my hair, At the end of my braid, tied tightly around my neck with a button down, tied loosely with a tee-it elevates every simple outfit and saves the day when it comes to you-should-have-washed-me-yesterday hair.

The Black Mules: I receive an alarming amount of messages of people saying “I wish I could pull those off.” You can! They are so classic and simple and go with just about every outfit. I’ve had the same pair for two years and they get far more wear than they should.

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  • Kimberly 3 years ago Reply

    I’m also a firm believer in having basics, especially neutral ones. This is a great capsule! Was there a ton of trial and error with creating it? If so, any tips/tricks to help ease that process a bit?

    Jill 3 years ago Reply

    You know what, a few years ago I just invested in ‘pieces.’ A yellow top, a cool skirt…nothing was unified. Once I figured out my color palates and go-to brands it became a no brainer!

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