Showered with Blessings

I know, I did it again. I have been absent…and busy…no excuses on this end. Hopefully this post makes up for it.

This past weekend I had the blessing of heading over to our home in St. Louis for my first Bridal Shower. Spending time with my mom, mommy Atogwe, mommy Aliu (I know, lots of mommas) my sister in laws to be and my best friend was so needed. A weekend with the girls was the perfect remedy to temporarily remove the stresses of school and bootcamp. Yes, since I last posted I have been partaking in a four week bootcamp, every morning from 6-730. Halfway through every class I think ‘WHAT AM I DOING THIS FOR???’ And after every class when I’m walking back to my place with my love, I am beaming with pride. I am a little crazy.

I have tried to compile my favorite parts of the weekend, leading up to the best ‘Number One’ of all time. Here we go:

5. Waking up every morning with my bestie next to me, my love in the next room, and the rest of the girls still in bed..creeping out to the couch to sit with the mommies who are either watching ‘Four Weddings,’ ‘Say Yes to the Dress,’ or whatever movie is on Starz. 

4. Staying up late with the mommies and my love, listening to them tell us stories of how they met their husbands. (Arranged marriage, purchased with african coin, they were chosen 7 days before the wedding after only a half hour conversation…terrifying stuff. God was lookin’ out..) And listening to them reminisce back on the days in the village where they worked on the farm, walked miles to get water, had absolutely no electricity, and had to fight off snakes that were as common as puppies here in America. I kept my petty complaints to myself that night…

3. Our marriage counseling Friday night with Aeneas and Tracy Williams, being able to gain insight into an NFL marriage we respect and value so much. Those dinner dates are becoming some of my favorite times with my love. (And Tracy got us yummy stuff for the honeymoon, that was a favorite(: )

2. All of us hunched over the Mac desktop watching fights from Bad Girls Club on YouTube at 3am

1. The fact that I am going from one incredible family to another. The shower was not a typical bridal shower. My Auntie Lori opened up her absolutely stunning home to us, having it decorated beautifully with presents, delicious food, unbelievable flowers, and love. As our two families of women sat there discussing how we met, what I was like when I was little, relationship advice, honeymoon business and so on, all I kept thinking was, “this is exactly what I dreamed of.” Whenever I used to hear in law horror stories, I would pray, Please Lord…don’t let that be me. I am marrying into a family I love dearly- and am loved back just the same. The whole family gets along, our mothers give us advice as if they are one…It was so special. From sitting on the couches debating fun relationship topics to drinking wine at the tables on the patio at 11pm, we are one big family. I can’t imagine my life without them.

Ask and you shall receive, just so long as you believe. 

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  • JanieAtkinson 11 years ago Reply

    Love this!! Thought it'd be blog friendly and comment on this instead of just texting you. 🙂 It's been hard to be 'bloggy' lately! Sounds like you had an amazing timmme! Can't wait to catch up Thursday! miss you lots.

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