Spring Closet Essentials: White Blouse + Classic Denim

“Spring is here, the-e-ee sky is blue, oooh, birds all sing as if they knew…” If you don’t know that song, PLEASE comment and let me know so I can change your world! 


If it’s still full on winter where you are (sorry, New York,) just know that sunshine and flowers are around the corner! Whenever the temperatures start rising and the sun sticks around a little longer, I get that itch for a closet refresh. Not necessarily to shop for an entire new wardrobe, but to go back to classic outfits perfect for Spring.

There are 7 essential pieces/outfits that reappear in my closet each Spring. Today, we’re talking about my all time favorite Spring essential outfit: the White Blouse and Great Denim look. 

I’m not a very flashy dresser, if you haven’t gathered that already. I like sophisticated, effortless classics. To me, this outfit encompasses everything I want my clothes to say about me. “I’m a mom, making an effort to feel my best without sacrificing comfort.” A bit of a mouthful, but it’s true!

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