Valentines Day

This Valentines Day was such a sweet one for us. Every year that O and I have known each other, we’ve split Valentines Day. So I would celebrate my love for him all day the 14th and he would do the same vice-versa on the 15th for me. 


One year, he decorated our guest room with flowers and all sorts of beautiful things and matching pajamas for us and had cued up all the girliest of girly romance movies and set aside the entire day for movie watching and eating my favorite foods. That year, I turned our downstairs into Japan and made his favorite meal from Nobi-sushi included- because he’s been wanting to go to Japan so badly. This year, O was gone from sun up to well past sun down. We put the kids to bed, ordered Thai food and watched an episode of Fixer Upper. Friends, it was just as wonderful as every other year past.

That’s the beautiful thing about marriage. It truly is what you make it and Gods grace is so sufficient that when you are intentional with whatever time you have, He will absolutely multiply it every time. 

I’m a huge believer in celebration. I know so many people who don’t love Valentines Day, but I genuinely am filled with joy just by bringing joy to others. When the kids woke up, we headed downstairs to turn on worship and hand out their little gift bags. Then, of course, we made heart shaped Paleo pancakes with lots of berries and bananas. 

We spent lots of time out in the Texas sunshine and after nap time we made my world famous Rice Krispie Treats…and when I say world famous I mean the same rice krispie treats everyone on the planet also makes (but I do love our recipe best!) We read their Valentines books over and over and it really was such a special day. 

How was your Valentines Day? I hope you felt loved by those closest to you and most of all, loved by our Heavenly Father who knows our every thought and still sent His son to die for us so that we might spend eternity with Him. There is no better Valentine than that! Happy Friday, friends!

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