Still Painting, but Here are Some Favorites

Here’s a roundup for your eyeballs and your ears, my friends.

1.You guys know how much I love Bon Appetit. I can’t quite get enough and i enjoyed Season 1 of Making Perfect SO much (it was ‘Pizza.’ c’mon. what’s not to love?) that when I saw they were starting Season 2 I was actually giddy. I may have squealed. Loudly. It’s Making Perfect…drumroll please…Thanksgiving. How exciting is that?! I watched yesterday’s episode with a smile on my face the entire time and am so hype to make a turkey this year.

2. I recently discovered the Podcast Stuff You Should Know and I’m hooked. It’s absolutely fascinating and the episode I’ve enjoyed most so far is the episode that dives into the history of Foot Binding in China.”Enjoy” is a strange word because it’s sad and perplexing and kind of gross, but these are the parts of world history I didn’t even realize I knew so little about. If you want to do a deep dive into something super random and specific, this is the podcast for you.

3. I wrote a blog post for Deeply Rooted Magazine this week titled ‘Trading Greed for Glory.’  It was a piece that reflects on a time in my life where I was elbow deep in pursuit of “more.” If you’ve ever struggled with greed, endless discontent or comparison, I pray the Lord uses my own story to cause reflection, repentance if necessary and freedom. You can read that here.

4. Texas Fall is weak sauce. I grew up in the midwest and spent a total of 9 years living on the East Coast so I crave fall foliage in a big way. These photos are giving me my fix.

5. I’ve been receiving more questions than usual about my camera, camera settings and photography in general lately. I break everything you could ever want to know down in this post-I hope you find it helpful! If this is the year you want a big fancy camera for Christmas or even if you want to take the next step up from iPhone photography, this post is for you.

Have a beautiful weekend, friends!

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