I woke up this morning to truly the most magnificent sunrise I have seen in a long time. (Granted, it was the only sunrise I have seen in a long time, but I don’t want that to take away from its magnitude…)  I have spent the majority of the past week in Cancun. To most people that translates to glittery sombreros, Coco Bongo table dancing, and tequila shots poolside. The intention for this trip was this:

1.    Witness my fiance’s dearest friend Marques, better known as “One-Five” get married to the lovely Lauren. Spending the week with this woman was such a blessing! She has perfect hair, the sweetest smile and the bangin’-est body you could imagine. I mean for real, this girl is a knockout! And she just happens to be a genuinely awesome person. So caring and loving, if I didn’t know better I wouldn’t be able to tell she was days away from her wedding! I love them so very much, the wedding was beautiful and i’m just lucky I got to witness it. She also has this awesome raspy voice that is super sexy, and she has east-coast written all over her accent. 

2.      Get some pigment. You may think I’m exaggerating when I say that if you are white- I need you to get up and stand in the mirror for a second. Check out that skin on your booty that never sees the light of day. Are you pitying it? Because that was the color of my face. No lie, I am half black and had NOTHING to show for it for an entire winter. Don’t fret, I am back on top of things, proudly showcasing the hazelnut/toffee-ish skin I love so much!
       R-E-L-A-X. As I said in my previous post, I seriously haven’t been in one place for the duration of seven days in about a month. I love traveling…Mark my calendar a year in advance; start count-downs with smiley faces and hearts months ahead, and pack as soon as I get word of a trip. Since I met my fiancé, life in regard of travel has changed completely. Trips are spontaneous and last minute, and after the initial clench-my-teeth phase…I wouldn’t have it any other way. With that said, I was smiling ear to ear all day at the fact that my schedule looked something like this:

                                Wake up when you can’t hold it anymore,
                           eat whatever you want for breakfast because it’s fresh and free, 
                         walk out to the beach/pool,
                                    lay there and order drinks and/or nachos, 
                                             shower at some point, 
                                      get pretty at some point, ‘
                                                 have fun all night  
So this is my shout out to Cancun, it absolutely served it’s purpose this week. As I sit in the airport eating toast, I am so thankful that the same God that paints the sky for me each morning cares about my stomachache. He is so good!

Told ya He’s good.

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