There are certain things I tell myself I am going to do over and over again…

…and then just tell myself it’s a secret between us that we will never ever do it.

Those things include getting a teeny tiny tattoo of the Jesus Fish on my wrist, wearing this deep purple lipstick I bought two years ago (is that even sanitary anymore? Not quite sure…), Dyeing my hair a honey color and chopping my bangs, Ya know, the standard.

Lent brings that out in the worst way.

I was not even aware that lent begins tomorrow and now I have this overwhelmed, stressed feeling. I am making lists of what I would miss a little bit, but survive without (m &m’s,, coffee…) And then I realized that giving things up for lent is a way to honor my Lord and Savior dying on the cross for me. A way to get somewhere near the unfathomable galaxy of the sacrifice of our Father giving up his only son, and Jesus taking the mockery, the pain and devastation of dying so that we may live. That view changes things a little bit.

I don’t want to just get by, I don’t want to miss something a little bit, I don’t want to coast through this – I want to feel what it truly means to sacrifice. I’m letting down a real wall in sharing this right now, because for me this means giving up bread.  Don’t laugh, as ridiculous as it is, I promise it is what I will miss most. What are you giving up?

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