The Case For a Momiform

  1. Kasia says:

    I love a momiform!! You’re right though, I tend to stay comfy all day and find myself just feeling blah. Also being a few months postpartum and not fitting into pre-pregnancy but also not fitting into maternity has left me in this weird middle ground and not a huge fan of looking into my closet. I’m determined to find some pieces that do currently fit and make it work so to speak! Btw did you take these photos on a tripod?? (I loved reading your posts about photography/camera gear also) These are gorgeous and looking forward to seeing the clothing items you favor!

    • Jill says:

      Hi there! That postpartum phase is always so discouraging! I remember just wanting to feel myself right away but my body took much longer to catch up than my mind did. Buying a cheap pair of Express jeans and American Eagle jeans made all the difference! I didn’t take these on a tripod, but I’m so glad you enjoyed that post! I’m a camera junkie and love my current bodies and lenses so very much.

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