The Daily Jewelry Round Up

I often dress incredibly simply. I might throw on a blazer or a pea coat in the winter, but typically I’m wearing something simple. No muss, no fuss. And let’s be honest- more often than not it’s a sweatsuit or denim. What makes me feel pulled together is simple, daily jewelry that elevates everything while not feeling fancy. Here is the jewelry I recommend to add to a daily rotation:

This simple $13 ear cuff. This thing is magic. They come in a pack of two and genuinely look like the real thing. I misplaces my real diamond ear cuff and it makes my stomach sick a little bit to think about (I keep not really looking and just saying ‘it’ll turn up!” to make myself feel better) so this has been essential for me.

I have and love these earrings with a braided detail that are shockingly subtle. I’ve started to wear them at least twice a week.

These are the rings I wear every day on my right hand. They’re so elegant and subtle. These are the real version that I wear each day. They’re definitely an investment (O gave me the rose gold and white gold as a 5 year anniversary gift) and take 4-6 weeks to make custom so they’re a beautiful Christmas gift. These are a $39 version that looks like the real thing.

Lastly, sometimes I get in a season where I want to wear diamond studs every day. I have beautiful diamond studs but can I be honest and say, for whatever reason, I prefer this $46 pair from Nordstrom? I’ve been buying them since high school and nothing gets more compliments!

Daily Earrings: Gold + Simple:

Daily Earrings: A Little Elevated:

Daily Necklace:

Daily Rings:

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