What I’m Picking up for Baby Number 3

I found out I was pregnant with Keogena before Oshiolema even turned 1 which meant I didn’t need to purchase any big ticket items for her newborn phase. Aside from a couple new things that came out the year she was born (hello, Dockatot,) every baby item we own was purchased during my first pregnancy which was six years ago. SIX! I’ll be doing a complete round up of all my favorite newborn, baby and postpartum items soon but for now here are the few current purchases I’m making before baby arrives.


I have so many bins of newborn clothes but as I went back through the clothes I had tucked away a few weeks ago I realized I definitely was looking through rose colored glasses back then. I saved things with spit up and blowout stains, holes and raggedy edges and realized it was time for a bit of a refresh. While there are some favorites I’ve pulled out and can’t wait to use again, here are the exact items I’ve picked up clothing wise. Shoutout to the only mittens I’ve ever found that truly stay on babies hands and keep them from scratching, the best wearable blanket for once they’re past the first couple months and the gown our babies live in the first few days.

Nursery Items.

We didn’t anticipate still being in this rental when baby arrived but alas, here we are. We have the baby sleep in this next to our bed for the first two months and then they fully transition to their own room. It sounds early but I truly never sleep well while the baby is in our room and this routine has been the best for us in the past. The current playroom will become the nursery and we’ll have to transition the toys upstairs to the homeschool area. Thankfully our nursery furniture is still in great shape so we’ll be setting up the old glider and crib in there with a new rug, some new artwork and most likely this daybed. There are only a few new things we needed to make the room complete including a new monitor I’m super excited about.


I nursed Oshiolema until he was 13 months old and began weaning him on his first birthday since I found out I was pregnant. Breastfeeding was so hard for me in the beginning thanks to his lip and tongue tie (which we had removed when he turned two weeks) as well as just navigating the newness of it all. My nursing experience was much smoother with Keogena despite the early days were still tricky and pretty painful and the fact that she full-on refused a bottle for the first 4 months. That was brutal. (side note: these are the bottles that ended up being the only one’s she’d use!) I breastfed her for 16 months and it was perfect for us.  I’ll share all my breastfeeding favorites after the baby and I adjust this time around as I hope to exclusively nurse again but here are the things I’m picking up to restock including my favorite hand pump since I lost almost all the parts to mine over the years, a brand new electric pump so I can have a better freezer stock this time around and a new cover to my favorite breastfeeding pillow.


We’ve loved our Bugaboo so.stinkin.much. I recommend it to everyone and we’ll still be using this stroller even though it’s six years old (it’s currently on sale for $200 off here). I did pick up this new carseat which arrived last week and I can’t believe we’re installing it this weekend since I’ll be 35 weeks next week! I’ll be getting this classic bouncer since we got rid of ours and we were also sent this rocker which I’m so grateful for seeing as I have been planning on purchasing it since spotting it in Joanna Gaines’ nursery last year. We needed to scoop up a new swing as well as a play-mat since ours was just way too well-loved at six years old. I’m also pretty excited about our new diaper bag which should arrive in the next couple days.

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