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It’s January. The time of year where everyone digs out their fitbits and dusts off their sports bras to stick to those resolutions. Ahhh the resolutions. We mustn’t let them down! The thing is this–getting to the gym isn’t always possible. Our gym doesn’t have childcare and in this new season of life, O is gone before the sun comes up and isn’t home til’ it’s back down. I have two toddlers, a small window of time to get a workout in and a goal to break a sweat every day. What’s a girl to do? Utilize what you’ve got!

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how to workout without a gym

how to workout without a gym

Let it be known that I have been unsuccessful at doing this consistently since becoming a mother but I’m determined to master the daily movement this year. That goal is daunting, for sure, but seeing it as “daily sweat” instead of “daily workout” has made all the difference. A long walk, a quick HIIT workout, a quick run, playing with the kids, all of these count in my eyes. Over the years I’ve amassed quite a few at-home workout favorites and I’ve narrowed down the list of what I intend on incorporating in these next few months.

My Favorite YouTube account to follow when it comes to at-home workouts is Whitney Simmons. Here are some great places to start on her channel:

10 Minute Fat Blast At Home

Grow Glutes with Dumbbells Only

Quick Full Body At Home Workout

10 Minute Fat Blasting HIIT

Dumbbell Only Complete Leg Workout

Grow Glutes at Home

Full Body 15 Minute Workout

HIIT and Abs At Home

I also enjoy these channels every now and then:

Ballet Beautiful

Tracy Anderson Workout Video

Natacha Oceane

One of the places I draw the most inspiration and save the most workouts is on Instagram. I HIGHLY encourage you to take full advantage of the Save Folder feature. Here’s a peek at mine:

I don’t follow all the accounts I save from because when my feed is cluttered I can get distracted, discouraged and all of those not fun things. The night before I know I’ll have some time in the morning to dedicate to a workout, I’ll scan the folder and put together a workout based on what’s saved and what body part I’m planning on working out that day.  The accounts I am regularly am inspired by are Natacha Oceane (who also just released a new at home workout hereMassy Arias , Whitney Simmons.

When I’m looking to move with even less structure, I keep it simple. I push the kids to the park in the stroller for some added resistance and utilize whatever is at the park while they play. Step ups on the park benches, squats, walking lunges, mountain climbers, dips and push ups. It’s always a liiiitle bit more ideal when we’re solo at the park, but I do it very quickly and have to ignore any funny looks. Mama needs to get that workout in!

Some equipment that can be kept in a small space or bag virtually out of sight but takes at-home workouts to a whole new level are hip circles, bands, ankle weights, light dumbbells and a yoga mat. My favorites are all above- you can click the images to be led straight to the websites. I don’t want to live in a world without resistance bands, hip circles and my hydroflask.

I hope you find this helpful! If you’re a fellow workout wanderer, send your tips my way!

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