Tips For When You’re Momming Solo

For the month of January, O has been in San Antonio while the babes and I are home in Dallas. Let me just place a disclaimer here to say before this month, the longest O has ever been out of town is one week. Thats right-seven days, friends. To all the single moms, military wives, NFL wives and the like shaking their heads at me-stick around! I crowd-sourced tips for systems and routines to be as productive as possible when you’re doing all.the.things.

While O and I were long distance for our entire dating relationship and engagement, we’ve been really blessed in the proximity department. While he left for work well before the sun came up and came home just in time for dinner and traveled a bit while playing football, he retired before we had kids and rarely ever has to travel for work now. Since becoming the DB coach for the Memphis Express football team, his schedule is a whole new beast. He’s at training camp 4 hours south of us this entire month and will be working some crazy long hours from now until the end of April.

First, I want to share some podcasts and blog posts that I’ve found so helpful over the years on the topic of productivity in motherhood:

1.Laura Wifler’s post ‘Encouragement For Mom When Dad Works Long Hours’ on the Risen Motherhood blog is fantastic. I sent this to some NFL coaches wives when I read this last year because it addressed many issues that came up in conversation. Little did I know, I’d be re-reading it for myself a year later. Her perspective is both encouraging and convicting and I highly recommend both the blog post and the podcast episode.

2. This essay titled “What if Motherhood Was Meant to be Hard” by Lauren Weir is one to read over and over in this time where the silly “woe is me” sneaks in whispers.

3. The Thankful Homemaker is a podcast I really enjoy. Episode 6,”What does Self-Discipline Look like in our Homes?” was really helpful to me as well as her blog post, “Top 50 Cleaning Shortcuts.”

4. “Self Care” is a very popular phrase right now. Personally, I don’t believe in self-care from the perspective of “take a load off-you deserve it!” Self-care to me says, “take care of yourself as well.” Sally Clarkson’s blog post “How Are You Doing Caring for Yourself” is a great reminder of those small changes to make in seasons like this, where time isn’t as plentiful as the responsibilities are.

Some practical changes I’ve made in the past month are simplifying my meals (I wrote a bit about it here,) loosening up on expectations I have for my home (happily closing the door of the playroom covered in toys at the end of the day) and giving in to napping when they nap if I just don’t have it in me. I enjoyed my new-found freedom to stay up all hours of the night at the beginning. I worked well past midnight, watched Cheers at 1am and talked on the phone with O in the wee-hours like we were dating again. I learned my lesson, guys. Rest is crucial and the need for wisdom really kicks in here. I’ve relied on systems and routines more than ever which I’ll talk more about in the coming weeks.

Okay. Now for the Instagram Input. Thank you all so much for your wisdom, here are the bulk of the responses. Ready. Set. Go!


You guys are the best! I’m so grateful for seasons like this where I’m faced with new challenges and I have the opportunity to cling to the Lord in a new way. When the days are longer and the responsibilities keep growing, it is crucial to rest in His grace.

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  • Oshiomogho Atogwe 3 years ago Reply

    So thankful for the community of women looking to help my baby be more exceptional than she is already! God bless you!

    Jill 3 years ago Reply

    You’re the best, love.

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