No Small Feat…

Sometimes I over hear people on the bus, sidewalk, TV, internet…saying they can’t find shoes in their size. It usually goes something like this:

PERSON 1: Oh my goodness, I love your shoes. I’m so jealous, I want to kill myself shoe shopping because I wear a nine and a half. Seriousssllyy, you have no idea how hard it is!

PERSON 2: No, you have no idea. I wear an 8 so every time I go to buy a new pair of shoes, they are out of my size! It’s so hard, person 1.  

If you are guilty of this, I still love you. But I’m going to let you in on a conversation that goes on in my head throughout this eavesdropping process:

Me: If only I could show them how hard it is to find shoes in a size 12. 

Yes, I wear a size 12 shoe. So before you complain, be grateful that your pedicured toes aren’t the size of the box they come in. Being in fashion, I am reminded of the challenges my feet present on a daily basis. They have, however, become more of a trial in the past months as I hunt for the perfect wedding shoes. Those babies at the top of  the post are my favorite Guiseppe Zanotti’s to date, and they would absolutely be flashed under that bridal gown of mine if- by some miracle – I wore a size ten. At the start of this post, I was going to write this to make you thankful for your own feet…but I am realizing I need to learn to be thankful for my own. Shrek feet and all, I will find the perfect shoes, join in the hunt with me! 

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