2019 Gift Guide: For Her

Here we are, friends. The most fun and most intense gift guide of every year is here- the gift guide for your mother, sister, best friend…self? I wanted to think of everything for this guide and reading below is going to be crucial for your gifting experience. Remember, come back on Black Friday to see the discount on these items before purchasing if you’re not in a rush. Let’s dive in.

Some tips- I love to give with a theme as I stated before in the Men’s gift guide. Take into account what that person loves but also what they need in this current season and what would be most exciting for them. Sure, everyone loves bath salts and makeup but what does that lady you love so much really want? I hope after this gift guide you have a better idea!

1. name necklace  2. non-toxic nail polish set  3. world’s best robe ever  4. dried flowers  5. terracotta pitcher that doubles as a vase  6. milk frother  7. waterproof speaker  8. mug to accompany a beautiful tea and some honey 9. honey for the tea lover 10. leather travel pouch cosmetic kit  11. tassel keychain  12. chunky small hoops 13. special edition games  14. slippers  15. a plant baby.

some standouts:

My Robe: I shouldn’t be talking about this again. I really shouldn’t. But who would I even be if I didn’t spread the word and get this robe into more hands? Those of you who have purchased this robe know that it’s the best gift you could possibly receive. It is a literal cloud and you all know I wear it every single day. Yes, absolutely gift it. But also, direct your spouse here, friends. Right here.

The Necklace: Personalized jewelry is my favorite thing to gift. I’ve given these necklaces to a few friends as well as the name initial necklaces to friends with 4+ kids. I also love the rainbow for a mama who is still trying to grow her family, expecting a baby after a loss or just wanting to remember a baby that went to be with Jesus. They’re stunning to wear as every-day jewelry and still don’t break the bank. Be sure to order on Black Friday so you have time to wait for them to be customized before Christmas!

The Pitcher + Dried Flowers: If you have a friend who loves receiving home things, this is a sweet and thoughtful gift. I always recommend giving the pitcher + live flowers as a hostess gift but with a sweet velvet ribbon tied around the pitcher and dried flowers to keep forever it would make such a beautiful Christmas gift.

The Milk Frother: one of the most commonly purchased item on my blog is my $35 milk frother. It’s phenomenal and I still stand by it and highly recommend it. This milk frother, however, is clearly much more beautiful and may make for a slightly more exciting gift. I’d gift this with a sweet mug for your loved one that you know makes coffee or tea at home more than at a coffee shop. It’s truly just the absolute best to elevate my tea every day.

The Cosmetic Pouches: Did I recommend these last year? Sure did. Did I ask for a monogrammed version of this exact color for myself this year? You bet. I see so many people recommending these after having them for years and I don’t blame them. The color range is stunning and the quality is impeccable.

The Special Edition Games: If you have a friend who loves hosting game night, I love the idea of these sort of collectors edition games that look like vintage books on the bookshelf. I’d gift these with a “game night kit” with popcorn and hot chocolate.

The Plant: This company was recommended to me on Instagram and I ordered two plants for our own home. If you know someone who is a plant-lady and green thumb, they would be over the moon to receive a new plant baby for Christmas. You can customize the planter to suit them which makes them even better.

The Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker: We’ve had this for a few years now and couldn’t love it more. O and I throw it in our backpack when we take the kids on an adventure outside, we use it to workout outside, we both use it in the shower since it’s made to withstand water and there’s nothing worse than trying to hear a podcast on your phone speaker over rushing water. This is just a no-brainer, foolproof gift.

Here are a couple things on my own Christmas list this year (O and I keep a shared Google Drive throughout the year that we both add to when there’s an item that catches our eye. We shop from it for one another come Christmastime so I can get creative and purchase something I think he’ll love while also getting him something I know he really wanted (and vice versa). We’ve done this for about 7 years now and it’s the absolute best.)

And some gifts I own and love, get asked about all the time and recommend as a 10/10:

My most worn (only worn) leggings: I’ve talked your ear off about these. You just need to trust me when I say you’ll never want to wear another legging ever again. I have long legs and prefer them a bit cropped but peek around at all the styles and you just cannot go wrong.

My Blush Tote: Worth the investment one million times over. It’s quite fancy for sure but the leather is so durable, I carry my laptop and the kids sweaters and tons of snacks and a giant water bottle in it at the same time and it still keeps it shape. It’s absolute magic and typically the bag I always travel with.

My curling iron: I get questions about this all the time and I’m so happy with this purchase. It’s stunning so it makes a great gift for anyone who’s in the market for a hair tool upgrade but this is also a wonderful thing to add to your own list.

My Highlighter: I’ve recommended this for years. It’s the best highlighter I’ve ever tried and 100% natural and toxin-free.

My Most Worn/Most Requested Jeans: You guys ask about these jeans more than anything else in my actual wardrobe. Here are all the washes and while there are many items sold out, it’s worth combing through to find your size because what is better than the perfect pair of jeans?

My Headphones: These were a Christmas gift last year and have proven to be maybe the best gift ever. They’re beautiful, the sound quality is impeccable and they are so, so durable. I get stopped all the time because people have to know where I got these bad boys so I had to include them here too.

Plus, obviously, my robe. But duh.

I also still would recommend every single item on last year’s Gift Guide for Her as well as this Gift Guide for Moms so be sure to check those out too!

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