2019 Gift Guide: For the Littles [Boys + Girls]

I decided I wanted to do things a little differently this year! Instead of waiting until December to release my gift guides, I wanted to be sure you had every guide at your fingertips in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I finish 99% of my Christmas shopping by that time and rarely purchase a thing once December comes so I hope this is more helpful for you guys too. Save these and make a note or reminder to come back to Gold and Graphite on Black Friday to shop these guides, Deal? Okay- let’s get into it!Here are a few things to know about my children’s gift guides: 1. I try to steer clear of plastic as much as possible. While I don’t shun it or get rid of it if someone gifts it to us, I tend to go for the softer, natural materials and special things we’ll keep forever. 2. Lets be real, a good chunk of their gifts will be ordered on Amazon Prime and will be simple and basic (Magnatiles and Pokeballs I’m lookin’ at you) but I always like to have a couple gifts that are out of the ordinary as well as beautiful and that’s what this guide is for.  We also love to gift things like puzzles, learning toys and things they can use together. 3. I look for the gifts I think would be unique and set apart from other gifts, but below each guide will be a section of “Items we Actually Own and Love” which may not be the absolute cutest item, but it will share the things that have won a solid gold star in our home. Tried, tested and true! Let’s get into the guides!

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standout items for the little lady:

the suitcase: if your kids have an exciting trip coming up or if they regularly have sleepovers at their grandparents this is a really special gift. This particular suitcase is definitely an investment but check back on Black Friday. Keogena may or may not be getting it this year propped up next to the tree with a ribbon and some books inside.

the stationery: I love a good stationery set. I just can’t quit it. The kids both have their own set from this brand and we whip them out to write snail mail and, most importantly, thank you notes. For a niece or daughter, custom stationery with some crayons or markers for a very young girl or some special pens for an older girl is such a thoughtful gift.

pretend diaper bag: Keogena is pretty big on her lovies-namely her “baby,” Sally. This diaper bag will be under the tree for her and I know she’ll be thrilled to have a little kit to feed, change and care for her babies. I personally love that she’ll be able to use this with all her babies meaning I don’t need to buy specific accessories for each doll. Multi-use toys are a big win in my book!

bunny ballerina backpack:
this backpack is so stinkin’ precious. It would make for the perfect ballet backpack or to use as a restaurant or day activity bag-keeping it stocked with small toys and crayons.

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standout items for the little dude:

the superhero magnet kit: each of the kids have one of these and have so much fun playing with them. They’re phenomenal for road trips and staying in the car or coming out to restaurants or longer days out of the house. There are lots of fun options but Lema is partial to this one for sure.

remote control bumper cars: this will be under the tree for Lema this year. He had so much fun doing the bumper cars with O at Cedar Pointe this summer that I wanted him to be able to have a little bit of that fun at his fingertips all the time. This is a great toy if your little one has a sibling.

scooter+helmet: the kids use their scooters year round. We bring them in the car on road trips, we regularly ride to the park and he’s always working on his speed and tricks in the driveway. A scooter with a helmet handing from the handlebar would be so exciting to see under the tree.

dinosaur lunchbox: lunchboxes may not seem like fun but I see this more as a carry-all pouch that lives in the car. You could put a few blocks, some crayons or stickers, some race cars, superheroes or whatever your little dude loves inside this bag and take it wherever they need to be entertained.

stocking stuffer ideas:

We make stocking stuffers really personal, sweet and inexpensive. This year they’ll both get a disposable camera, stickers, and probably a candy cane or a treat of some sort. Keogena will get this unicorn sidewalk chalk and Lema will get one or two Pokeballs. He’s never seen the show but someone gave him one and you guys. You’d think he wrote, created and illustrated Pokemon by how proud of it he is.

items we actually own and love:

Favorite places to shop for Christmas Gifts for Littles:

The ‘Small Prices’ page from Smallable for all the unique, special, keep for a lifetime gifts.

This page on Anthropologie

This perfectly curated Holiday Shop (my favorite)

This page on Pottery Barn Kids (think play kitchens, play food, sleeping bags, pajamas and the coolest toys)

This landing page on Target

This kid’s gift guide by Nordstrom

Every single thing from here

Amazon Prime, of course

All the learning toys and kinetic sand from Lakeshore Learning like these number bots that Oshiolema loves doing math with, this kinetic sand that keeps them entertained for actual hours, this working cash register that makes playing store and learning about coins so much fun and everything else they make!

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